Online Magic Shows and Online Magic Wokshops

After 3 weeks in dveelopment, William the Wizard, one of the Midlands most popular children's entertainers is now offering ONLINE magic shows for children.

He is also offering his Wizard Workshops ONLINE too.

The online magic shows are 35-40 minutes in length and are great fun for your children. He even performs some incredible magic for the adults or older children at the end where they simply search for something on their phone and he tells them what it is! William had been performing this just to a select few but he decided to open his show up to more general enquiries.

He understands that everyone is a little bit more price sensitive at the moment so his parties and workshops start from £35. William blends some of his Wizard Workshop material in with his popular children's magic show to make a really fun and engaging show where you will be left laughing in amazement. The added bonus of the show or workshops, is that William will teach the children magic that they practice at home, make the props at home and some of my clients even host a magic talet show for their family which they ask me to come back and judge. :-) To find out more or to book a slot, give him a call on 07934 856 696.

William also performs Magic Workshops In Schools and will be back doing that when the situation improves

quoteThe trick to making primary school children more confident and sociable is to teach them magic, claims Professor Richard Wiseman, psychologist at the Open Universityquote

(The Guardian, Friday 12 September 2008)

Professor Richard Wiseman conducted a study in which each child at a selected school in the UK conducted a series of tests to assess their sociability and confidence. The results were recorded.

The children were then given a standard personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) lesson which involved a series of activities including reading, writing and movement exercises. The results were, again, taken. Two weeks later, this was repeated and again the results were taken.

The group was then given a magic lesson including practicing and performing a number of classic magic tricks and their sociability and confidence results were taken.The assessment ratings revealed that after taking part in the ‘magic lesson’ the children had considerable more confidence and self-esteem than the children taking part in the standard UK curriculum lesson. The children also remarked that the found the magic lesson, thoroughly more enjoyable than the standard curriculum-lead lesson.

Teaching magic workshops in schools is becoming an increasingly popular (and beneficial) way to increase children’s:







Team work


Presentation Skills


Attention to detail




Interpersonal skills


Creativity and Awareness



These magic lessons have been especially beneficial in special needs schools allowing children to develop these skills in a fun and engaging way, using tried and tested teaching methodologies.

The magic lessons are often used to compliment the cross-curriculum themes and cover a wide array of subjects such as Drama, History, Design Technology, Science and Biology.

The lessons delivered on William’s courses use his many years as an experienced teacher in schools, and professional children’s entertainer and magician.

Each magic course can be tailored to the National Curriculum and can be built round the following 1 day structure:

1) Introductions and ice breakers.
2) William the Wizard performs his full magic and puppet show.
3) Questions and Answers and open discussion about magic.
4) The history of magic with a short quiz at the end.
5) Rules of magic, oaths taken and each student is sworn in as a magician and presented with a certificate.
6) Each child given his own deck of cards, and other gimmicks (at no extra cost)
7) A small demonstration of close up magic.
8) Break for Lunch
9) Afternoon of group and individual tuition of card magic, coin magic, mind reading, elastic band magic.
10) A DVD session, showcasing of some of the masters of magic.
11) Close up magic practice session.
12) The afternoon closes with a close up magic competition, and prize giving.

This is the jam packed 1-day intensive magic workshop. Equally popular is the full 1-week of magic tuition and education. Here the focus is on presentation techniques, more complicated sleights of hand, stage magic, puppetry skills, the use of comedy and more intense one-on-one and group tuition. If time we also practice some circus workshop skills such as plate spinning, juggling etc. The week closes on a high with either a gala show for presented to the other children in the school or parents dependent on the school. This showcases the children’s new skills, new found confidence and hopefully, new love of magic!!

Themed school lessons

William also tailors his schools magic act to deliver key educational messages to children. One of William’s most popular performances in primary schools around the Midlands is his Road Safety Message act which highlights the dangers on travelling on the road. His act is both hilarious and engaging yet delivers an important and memorable message! To read some recommendations from happy clients please read his reviews here.

How to make this happen?

William will try and accommodate your requests for delivering a themed lesson or curriculum-lead magic course, and can be available at short notice, and William is often booked locally in various schools in the midlands including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the Leicestershire area, and occasionally travels nationally.

William can also deliver his magic workshops for private parties and offer a great alternative to your standard party. With many years of performing for kids under his belt, William asks for a few weeks preparation to ensure his act is perfectly tailored for your school or private engagement to ensure the children’s potential is maximised and a structure bespoke plan can be prepared.

For a taster of the fun and interaction William has in some of his popular birthday parties, please watch his trailer below.


If your keen on making some basic enquiries or making a booking for William to perform a magic workshop in your school or for a private party please do not hesitate in contacting William on 07934 856 696 or emailing him at
Better yet, please fill out the contact form on his home page by clicking here.


William performs magic workshops in Nottingham, West Bridgford, Wollaton, Chesterfield, Beeston, Derby, Loughborough and Mansfield. He is often booked as a schools entertainer and magician in Leicester, Rotherham, Newark, Gedling, Burton on Trent, and in fact anywhere in the Midlands and around the UK.