Socially Distanced Birthday Parties

Socially Distanced Birthday Parties With William the WizardSocially distanced birthday parties for children. So, at the time of writing children have finally gone back to school. The government has continually stressed that Covid-19 has little effect on children. This is one of the reasons schools have opened up way before businesses and office blocks. The science supports the idea that they are less vulnerable to catching the virus than adults. As a result, if schools and mingling has been given the okay, then so too have children’s birthday parties.

It is important to pay attention to social distancing where possible and create a safe environment. William the Wizard has re-engineered his show to make it still really good fun and interactive, but with some precautionary measures to make it safe. William also works with mums and dads if they want to share some extra advice and tips as to how to keep the parties covid secure.

Perhaps one of the best ways is for the parents to drop their children off and for the hosts to take their name and number and telling them the time to come back and pick their children up. If you have invited 20 children, more often than not 20 or even 30 parents stay and watch the show. If you encourage them to drop their children off then you have essentially halved the number of people in the venue or in the garden. This makes it much more covid safe. William helps mums’ prepare for this and also tailors his party package accordingly.

So what is it about William’s parties that make them so popular?

Well they are 2 hour stress-free parties where mum’s only have to organise the food and the cake. William takes care of everything else.

He starts with a 40 minute mini disco where he and the children play loads of interactive non-elimination party games. These can even be customised to take account of social distancing. There are loads of stickers sweets and prizes. Then the children take a 30 minute break for the food. They blow out the candles on the cake and have a quick drink.

Over this time, William performs some of his amazing close up magic for the adults.

After the break, it’s back in for the 40-45 minute magic and puppet show. This is loads of fun. Loads of magic and really interactive. Again social distancing measured are observed and William works with parents to ensure these are upheld.

At the close of the part where the children are made to feel like the stars – the children leave with some fun party bags, great memories and aching sides where they have laughed so much.

To find out more about hiring William the Wizard for a socially distanced birthday party for your child, get in touch on 07934 856 696 or email