Welcome to my Wizard Workshops – Designed to Educate Excite and Enthuse…..

Wizard WorkshopsHi, My name’s Duncan William, and I have been delivering my critically acclaimed workshops for schools for the last 5 years. I hold a BA Hons degree in Business and background in teaching, education and entertainment and my programmes specialise in educating, inspiring and enthusing children.

One of my most popular workshops, and co-designed with primary school teachers, is my highly sought after Maths-Magic workshops which is a proven success system to deliver entertaining, magical demonstrations to assist each student meeting their educational goals. Not only do I educate and assist the students in achieving measurable results, but I leave the students feeling more confident and enthusiastic about studying maths than before.

I also offer magic based Wizard Workshops in which I offer full and half-day magic tuition for all the key stages and these can create perfect synergies with ‘Literacy Weeks’ , ‘Super Starts’ or ‘End of term treats’.  

Again. these workshops have proved to leave the children with increased levels of confidence, concentration and self-esteem and can be curriculum lead, tailored to each school’s requirements and are perfect for Key Stages 1-5. More details can be found here.

Please have a look at my show-reel below for some clips, reviews and little taster below:

Maths-Magic Workshops:

The primary focus of the magic maths workshops are to educate – but to educate it a fun, and uniquely inspiring way through the medium of magic.

The programme itself has been designed in conjunction with primary school teachers and works perfectly for the start of ‘Maths Week’ and can take the form of an assembly for the whole school to partake in or classroom based workshops.

The classroom based Maths-Magic workshops are the preferred option as this can be tailored to both each key stage year group and also to the school’s curriculum. The beauty of these tailored packages is that each student will get more targeted tuition and the magic can be tailored specifically to the age of the year.

Another huge bonus of my maths-magic workshops is that each teacher also gets a maths magic resource pack. In this pack there are supporting documents covering the workshop content and additional activities and photocopy sheets for the teacher to reinforce and expand on the learning outcomes.

This programme has will deliver a proven success system to achieve results focussed learning outcomes to primary and secondary school children.

Magic tuition – Wizard Workshops:

These hugely popular Wizard Workshops are fantastic fun and offer children the chance to learn magic and watch a fun, engaging and thoroughly interactive magic show.

A typical full day Wizard Workshop would traditionally start with a 45 minute magic and puppet show with loads colourful props, magic, puppets and ultimately fun, laughter. These shows are tailored to the age group but the assembly show is a very family friendly show.

Following this I usually spend time with each class – usually 30 or so, with a magic quiz, background to magic and question and answer session followed by an interactive magic tutorial session. Following a performance of several fantastic magic tricks and illusions I follow my EDIP formula of explaining, demonstrating, allowing the children to imitate me, then practice each trick.

After break – I play parachute games with the children or teach them plate spinning. After lunch, it’s back in to practice some more tricks and fine tune any difficulties. The day occasionally closes with a gala show where a few children get to come to the front of the hall and perform their tricks in front of the teachers, fellow students and invited parents.

They leave these workshops having had great fun, learnt new skills and really developed their self-confidence, team working, communication, presentation a self-esteem levels.

Road Safety / Stranger Danger shows:

These are ideal for primary school children and both the Road Safety and Stranger Danger shows have been delivered in schools around the UK communicating the important messages of road safety and strangers.

Both topics are covered with a magical theme, lots of interaction, fun and laughter and offer really memorable messages which the students will remember for the rest of their lives.

I still remember the green cross code man coming to my school. (Stop, look, listen and think! ;-) )

End of term parties:

These are a riot of fun and laughter and can range from my full 2 hour party package with mini-disco, lights, dancing, and non-elimination party games and full magic and puppet show to just the 45 minute magic and puppet show but still with lots of fun, laughter, comedy, magic, puppets and of course magic! Again these shows can be tailored to the age group and you can see an example of one of my parties here.

For more information on any of my workshops, shows or educational packages for schools, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07934 856 696 or email me on magic@williamthewizard.co.uk and for more information please click here.