Children’s entertainer at weddings

Children's entertainer at Weddings.

Children’s entertainer at Weddings.

As summer approaches I find more and more people are interested in booking me for as a children’s entertainer at their wedding. Often they want something that can keep the kids’ entertained whilst the speeches are taking places or just for the kids just to have something exciting to look forward to as the adults bask in the sun and sip bubbly in the garden. ;-)

This is something I can and do do and can certainly tailor my act accordingly. My popular 2 hour kids’ party package includes a mini-disco, games and magic and puppet show. Although this is popular for kids’ birthday parties this 2 hour party format is not always suitable as the mini disco needs extra room, can be a bit too noisy with the kids dancing and having fun and can jar with the more sedate nature of a wedding. I do however, offer an alternative if you really did have your heart set on me entertaining the kids for the full 2 hours.

As an alternative to the mini-disco part of the party package, I have a 7 foot play parachute, fantastic outdoor limbo set and some plates for plate spinning. This can work really well if you wanted the kids entertained without the mini-disco and music and is still tons of great fun and laughter. After a short break  I can then follow this up with my full 45 minute magic and puppet show full of fun, laughter with the kids coming up to help out with the magic.

This only needs a space away from the noise and chitter chatter and some a couple of adults to sit with the shyer children if necessary.

Weddings, however, are just as much a special day for the adults as it is for the kids. The most popular option at weddings and summer BBQs, however, is my kids and adult magic hybrid. This package is usually the 45 minute sit-down kids magic and puppet show and the remaining 1 hour 15 minutes of adult magic.


So what is my adult magic?

I am not your classic, big-bellied, bow-tie wearing fumbling fool, but a fresh, young, exciting contemporary entertainer mixing the kind of close up magic you may have seen on TV (without the TV editing) with some very real and hard-hitting and direct mind-reading.

Having spent the last 15 years or so, performing professional close up magic and mind-reading, my act has taken me around the world including 2 years performing by invitation in Japan.

To see a short show-reel of my act please check out my show reel below.

Alternatively, for more details about my clos up magic and mind reading, please check out my adult magic website

From changing your borrowed £5 note into £20 or changing a deck of cards into glass or pulling thoughts out of your mind – we can meet up for a free demonstration in a local coffee shop for a quick demonstration and to talk about how I can tailor my act to make your day as special as you had possibly imagined. Not only that but it’s great for those kids who think they are too old for classic kids magic too ;-) (Even though my show is very family friendly)

Duncan / William the Wizard performs his unique and exciting brand of children’s and adult magic at Weddings in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and beyond.

For more information, and to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07934 856 696 or email me on