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Terry Herbert - Children's entertainer DVDs

Terry Herbert – Children’s entertainer DVDs

Review: Terry Herbert DVDs

Terry Herbert is widely regarded as the grandfather of kids’ magic and I have had the good fortune to meet him on a number of occasions and he has kindly shared some of his words of wisdom for me in the entertainment business.

That said, it gives me great pleasure to review a couple of his Children’s magic DVD offerings – Terry Herbert – Children’s magic the Herbert Way and Terry Herbert – Magic for Under Fives.

Both are outstanding DVD but with varying production qualities. Children’s magic the Herbert Way is an L and L publishing production and is an older format, and style. I believe this was originally available in VHS format and has been transposed onto DVD format. Away from the poor production values – due to the fact that this was filmed many years ago – the effects, ideas and material are still relevant, and ring true today even if they need a little updating.

In this DVD – Terry performs in front of a live children’s audience and discloses the secrets to truly entertain children. The theoretical contribution from Terry in this DVD is invaluable and includes a terrific discussion into what makes children laugh. The DVD focusses on Terry’s performance and discusses the trick and effects he uses to include, a banana trick, silver sceptre, rabbit in the house, vanishing wand, vanishing silk, colour-changing silk, mis-made flag, pop-up rabbit production and other bits of business.

Overall this is a great DVD if you take away the poor production values, which was common back in the 90ish. This is a real exhibition DVD which all entertainers should have in their collection as Terry shows why he such a popular and likeable children’s entertainer and kids magician.

The second DVD in Terry’s collection is Magic for Under 5s – this time produced by Practical Magic. Whilst his 1st DVD – Children’s magic – The Herbert Way was one of the best-selling kids magic DVDs of all time, this DVD had a lot to live up to and certainly does not disappoint either which some more contemporary effects and a lot higher production values.

Here Terry, again performs his live show and then goes on to detail each trick and explain the handlings and a short discussion of what he is trying to achieve with each effect. Running for 70 minutes, the DVD closes with an excellent and insightful conversation with New York’s David Kaye.

Some of the shows content include Terry’s warm up routines, Two Little Dickey Birds, Tale of a Cat, Magic Painting, Puppet routine, and Three Little Pigs Routine – and a lot of these are available from Practical Magic as well as many other children’s entertainment props. A lot thses can be adapted to your own performance style. Terry Herbert still exudes the air of a classic children’s entertainer from yesteryear but does extremely well in keeping his act, young, funny and extremely engaging by understanding truly what makes children laugh….

For more information on either of these DVDs’ or to find out more about booking me ‘William the Wizard’ to perform to Under or Over 5s, please do not hesitate to get in touch on either magic@williamthewizard.co.uk or 07934856696.