Stress Free and Successful Party – Summary Part 3


Other tips and ideas for delivering the perfect party!

Other tips and ideas for delivering the perfect party!

Inviting the guests.

Kids and parents NEVER arrive on time. The average is 15 minutes late. I always suggest that you should invite the kids 15 minutes before the start time to ensure that the party starts on time…. Also, send out invites well in advance for the bets chance of ensuring everyone you have invited attends. Make a list of everyone you have invited and also follow those non-res-ponders with a call. Keep a tick list of those hwo have replied, those, to call and those who are maybes…..The worst thing you can do is over-cater and they never turn up anyway…. It is an extra expense and you will be lumbered with more cheese and ham sandwiches and party sausages than you know what to do with…..

Party food.

This leads us on to party food. Keep it simple, healthy and less than you think. This not only reduces the amount of work you have to do but reduces wastage and if it’s healthy, you’ll probably get a thumbs up from the other mums too.

The cake.

You could spend tons of money on a cake (and then enter into my cake competition on my Facebook page) or you could make a simple homemade cake, have fun decorating it with your child and then (enter into my cake competition on my Facebook page). I vote the latter. Don’t forget the candles, and a knife to cut the cake!! I always find the best time to sing happy birthday is after the food – thjis gives you loads of time to cut up the cake and put it into the party bags ;-)

Party bags.

This leads me onto party bags. You don’t have to offer party bags. I offer a number of cheaper alternatives. If you did want to source your own party bags…be prepared to source little bits and bobs to go in them. It will take you longer than you think and will certainly be more expensive than you think too….

Other bits and bobs to remember:

1. Don’t scatter balloons on the floor. Pops will make some babies cry and watching 30 kids whack each other on the head and race around the room before the party has started sets the wrong tone, can cause injuries and tears and they all have to be collected up anyway…..

2. Keep little ones and toddlers out of the way. Having a toddler walk through the show – it is cute, but it is also very distracting to the entertainer and the kids. Not only that but most entertainers have PA systems which little children seem to get attracted to for some reason. this of course is highly dangerous. Keeping a mum nearby or the child held for a while or paying at the back of the room is the best option…..

3. Enjoy the day yourself! My shows are always fun days for the kids and adults. Enjoy the birthday party -my shows are really stress-free – so you should be able to enjoy the show too. Take photos, and enjoy yourself. The kids’ certainly will!!

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