Stress Free and Successful Party – Summary Part 1

Stress Free Kids' Party Tips Summary!

Stress Free Kids’ Party Tips Summary!

Planning makes for a perfect party:

Kids’ parties are very popular. If you have your heart set on a village hall or community centre – don’t be surprised that if you call a week or two in advance it will be booked up. Not only are there other parent’s out their booking the halls for their own kid’s parties, but there are other events often taking place too such as Zumba classes, gospel singing practice and a whole myriad of other events which may prevent you getting the date and time slot you are after. Not only that but I am noticing more and more venues don’t even open on a Sunday!! When planning for your party consider everything that may cause you stress.

The parties a deliver are tailored to be extremely stress free! That said, if you think you are running out of time to book a hall, consider having the party later. Be prepared to be flexible. Alternatively consider different party venues. I have listed many different party venues at the bottom of my website.

If you don’t think you can cope feeding and welcoming 30 kids or more, invite less. Double check if there is a limit to the number of people in the hall. A hall filled with double the amount of people (parents often stay) can be more demanding – and your hosting skills may take your attention away from serving the kids their food.

Also double check whether the entertainer needs any PAT certification or anything like that which may prevent them performing if they don’t have them.

Don’t mix ages.

I know sometimes parents think that this is the best way to save money and mix to birthday parties from children of different ages – even if it is only a couple of years difference but a seven year olds party with a number of five year olds dotted around is not the best way to deliver a perfect party. 7 year olds are generally a lot more boisterous and rough and this could lead to accidents and other troubles. My shows are very family-friendly, so I cater for all ages but for the sheer group dynamics it’s best to stick to one age group per party.

Setting the date and time.

As mentioned above, the key to this is being flexible. Don’t have your heart set on 2-4pm. The venue may not be able to offer that time and the entertainer may be booked at that time. It is easier to find an alternative venue to match the availability of a (quality) entertainer than the other way round. If you book the venue, and then Google search entertainers, the best ones, may very well be booked up. Usually the more calls you make, the less the quality of the entertainer. This is not always true as of course I am not booked up all the time and have cancellations too, but if you find yourself looking at an entertainer who is free over Saturday and Sunday and you found him on page five of Google, with no show-reel or testimonials, they may not be that good.

Part 2 coming up next week! For more details please contact me on or call me on 07934 856 696 and I’ll be more than happy to help, give you some ideas or tips or if you need any further advice, hopefully help you out.