Positives of being a Children’s entertainer – Part 1

Positive of being a children's entertainer - Part 1

Positives of being a children’s entertainer – Part 1

I perform magic for kids every week and every week is different. 90% of the time it’s great fun. But performing magic for kids is not for everyone – even though judging by a google search – everyone thinks it is. There has been a surprisingly massive influx of children’s entertainers over the last couple of years. Why?

Well, due to the recession and unemployment figures, I believe that people think its an easy way to make a bit of money. Not only that people with ¾ children – think – I’ve got a few kids – how difficult can it be to entertain children? But there are 2 different types of entertaining and performing to children. One is where you invest little time or effort in the art – turn up at a party, perform a few tricks and then leave with your cheque in your pocket – the mum’s exhausted, kids high on sugar and only having enjoyed the unorganised chaos. Unfortunately this leaves a sour after-taste in the mouth of the organiser’s mouth, other mums and sets the standard very low in terms of children’s entertainment which in turn has a knock on effect to somebody who takes pride and enjoyment in doing what they love….but I’ll talk about that in my next blog post…..

I am the opposite of these entertainers. My love is performing to children and making them laugh. I can’t imagine many jobs where you can go away from with somebody having made you laugh (mainly the kids) and occasionally the adults. My smiles come from either a funny joke for a child (“How do you make a door scream?” Was a recent joke from a 5 year-old. “Twist his door knob”!! Lol ;-) ) or from some original funny dancing, from a child who has not yet been constrained with the social inhibitions of life. Funny answer, inquisitive staring or silly comments all bring a smile to my face. Are these your fake smiles that you would give to your boss who has told you that you are being made redundant or an unfunny joke he has made-up. No these are genuine smiles and belly laughs.

BUT…… And here is the caveat. You had to like children. I have heard a few stories from adults who have seen entertainer’s (and I use that word loosely) who don’t like children and spend their show, deafening them out with disco music or shouting at them like the Gestapo.

The other things that I love about performing children’s entertainment are the variety. Eaxch week is a different church hall, village hall or home. Each week people have either gone to loads of effort or minimal effort. Some have put on Prosecco and olives for the adults, others, tea coffee and cake, others nothing. I don’t cast judgement – it’s great to have that variety. The people (kids and adults) also keep it fresh and exciting too. Some bookers are welcoming and inviting, others pass the buck to their husbands, others are not bothered – you are there to do a job and even after the show – when you know it went brilliantly kids and the kids laughed and had fun from start to finish – you receive payment and a “It was ok.” Unfortunately it is usually these adults (old men, young ‘alpha-males’ and the occasional female chatterbox who have no interest in watching a ‘kids show’ and spend time at the back of the room or in the kitchen discussing whey protein varieties, or mummy things.)

The other aspect of my job that I look forward to and is always varied at a Kids party are the cakes. I have seen some amazing cakes. I have a bit of a soft spot for home-made cakes over bought cakes but all look brilliant and love posting them on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/kidspartymagician.