Party Ideas for Mums When Organizing Parties Themselves

An early photo in my career

An early photo in my career

Birthday parties can be fun. Smiling children running around fun, the atmosphere, the singing and dancing. It’s all fun and games. If you’re attending a party, that’s what you’ll see. However, if you’re the one that planned the party, you’ll be worrying about if something will go wrong or whether you made the right decisions. It’s important to not think like this, you’re supposed to have fun at parties! If this sounds like how you think, after people start showing up at the party there’s nothing more you can do and if something is going to go wrong, there’s nothing that you can do. With that in mind, just sit back and enjoy the party with everyone else. However, how can we organize a children’s party without the risk of things going wrong?


Most parties are a few hours long (or in some cases last the whole afternoon), and with most children’s parties it’s expected that there will be 30 or so minutes taken out of the party for children to sit down and fill their bellies. The problem with this is that a lot of children are fussy eaters. There are two options to choose from when planning what the children will eat, either a small buffet or a pre-set plate filled with food.

There are benefits to both. On one hand, if you decide on a small buffet you will have to come up with a few different food options and you will have to estimate how many of each thing you will have to make. However, children are given the freedom to pick what they want to eat and therefore will only choose what they like. On the other hand, preparing pre-set plates of food for the children allows for you to only prepare what you need to prepare and not estimate, however you run the risk of children not eating some of the food.


It’s important that you hire entertainment for a party. Whether it be an entertainer to perform or walk around and amuse the children, or whether it’s a bouncy castle. Regardless of the entertainment that you decide to hire for the party, one thing is for sure. Music is necessary. A party without music leaves nothing but awkward silence all around. If there is music, everyone will be more relaxed and have a more enjoyable time. So, let’s talk about entertainment.

For a children’s party, if you’re looking for entertainment that everyone will enjoy, contacting a magician is a great idea. Everyone loves magic, children and adults. The simple feeling of “Wow!” leaves everyone wondering how a trick was done, and everyone loves it. If a magician is a bit out of your ballpark, then look into hiring a bouncy castle or even better, planning the party at a facility such as a sports club where trampolines and such would be available for the children to enjoy.


Setting a theme for the party is a fantastic idea. A lot of decide to go with a casual theme for their party, however setting a theme for the party brings things to a whole new level.

Planning parties doesn’t have to be a difficult task, if you want to make it a fun task you can do so. Remember that you’re not planning a party for adults, the expectations aren’t as high as they would be otherwise. You’re planning a party for children and a lot of children just expect to have a good time, nothing more! If you’re unsure about party ideas, try talking to your child and see what they’re hoping to get out of the party.

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