Party bag alternatives

Alternative Party Bag Ideas.

Alternative Party Bag Ideas.

One of the hidden expenses for unsuspecting mums is that of producing party bags for kids. These little packs of fun for the kids to take away can run into about £4-5 per bag if you are not careful and with an average of 15-20% children not going to a party they have been invited too, there are more than likely quite a lot of houses around the UK littered with unwanted or unused party bags.

I offer some great alternatives to party bags including balloon animals and I can even make up party bags at a fraction of the cost than if you were to go looking for the little party bag fillers yourselves. That said, so parent’s do not want to give out party bags but still want to source or personalise them, themselves. And why not?

As a result, if you did want to take the time and make the effort to source alternative gifts for the childrens then I have a few listed below which I have either seen, heard about or come up with myself.

Books – you can usually pick these up for about a £1 or less from the Works or another cheap book shop. Spread them out on the table and get the kids to pick their own. You could even write in them “Thanks for coming to my party from William the Wizard”.

Just a massive chunk of birthday cake can do the trick!

A really nice cheap idea is giving each child a jam jar with soil in it and a pumpkin seed. You could even personalise the jam jar. Then have a competition as to who can grown the biggest sunflower! Teaches the kids loads of great skills too including patience, photosynthesis (lol) and how to tend for plants. And it is an ongoing reward as they see it go as opposed to a instant high of playing with an action figure and then moving on to something else.

Pick up a load of white mugs and personalise them with them birthday child for each attendee.

Colouring books and crayons and pens are always great. Which child doesn’t like colouring in?

For those wanting an alternative to sweets but something edible you could try raisins. (Dipped in honey / chocolate / yoghurt)

If you really want to get creative you could make some home-made biscuits with your children, and gain personalise them with the party goer’s names….

A cone of retro sweets can look great especially with chocolate mice and old skool nibbles.

You can usually pick up a hula hoop for a pound or two or a punch balloon filled with rice from Asda. Failing that a ball or a skipping rope is always fun

Other ideas could include a plastic spoon filled with chocolate and hundreds and thousands as a makeshift lollipop.

There are lots of ideas and thoughts you could – but for most mums, and if I were a mum, I’d be looking for simplicity….theat’s where I can help. If you book a party with me I can offer you great value for money party bags, gifts or balloon animals to make your life even more stress free.

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