Parachute Games for Children part 2

Parachute games make a great addition to parties

Parachute games make a great addition to parties!

Following on from my parachute games post a few weeks back…..As an example at a pirate themed party you can pretend that the parachute is an ocean and then bounce some sot sea creatures on it as though it’s a rough sea and then settle the sea and start again when a storm blows in. You can then pretend that the parachute is a boat and sing some sea shanties, pirate songs or row row-row your boat etc as an example. In this you can include some funny or joke choruses for added fun and laughter. Once you have played with the ‘boat’ for a while – you can go for a swim under the sea and whilst everyone is shaking the parachute up I shout out a colour and kids holding onto those places have to swim/change places with their friends before the waves come crashing down on top of them….this is great fun to play….. and kids love to do this again and again.

The beauty of this one routine above is that it takes 15-20 minutes or more or less dependent on the number of kids and nature of the person and includes all the children which is an important aspect of all games I play…..  As I mentioned before, with just a little bit of thought these can be easily adapted to different themes such as superheroes, frozen (the parachute is an iceberg).

Other more traditional games include ‘Cat and Mouse’ where one or more children walk/climb around underneath the parachute and whilst the other kids are ‘making waves’ the cat or cats on the top have to touch or tag the mouse underneath. This, again usually results in squeals of delight and all the kids wanting to be either the mouse of or the cat. Of course this can be played a few times using more than one mouse or cat. Similarly these games can be adapted to your party theme too with the Cat’s and mice’ becoming heroes and Villains, Captains and Pirates etc.

When playing all games, because this involves a lot of furious actions or motions its important that you give clear instructions and practice how to stop the game and what the kids are to do if you shout stop, or similar – because if they are lost in the frantic game, they may get too carries away and this can lead to issues.

One final consideration with regards to parachute games is the floor surface. Whenever, I use my parachute, my preferred floor is grass. Concrete, wooden floors etc can lead to grazes and bumps and whilst a grass stain on their trousers is not good, it is certainly 100% better than blood or bruises. Some people suggest putting down rugs or foam mats. Whilst in itself, they are a good idea – these are never usually large enough and end up being slippery with the floor underneath and causing trip hazards. Whilst parachutes games have a lot of benefits and the kids really enjoy them, it is so important to stress the safety and risk assessment considerations.

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