New Children’s Entertainment Website

Brand New William the Wizard Logo

Well, here it is, my new website, new logo, new designs etc. All completely fresh, original and exciting! I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before this site see other children’s entertainers mimic it. Nonetheless, it stands alone in its originality in the kids’ magic market.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some phenomenal people to get this project off the ground. An amazing artist has worked with me to get the logos and designs sorted and an amazing coder to get the website looking the way it does. Not only that but I worked with an amazing team to deliver the show-reel that you can see on the homepage.

If you see websites springing up offering the option to download invitations, posters etc in the future with cartoon designs – they are probably rip-offs but that is the way in magic. Hopefully, here I have set a new standard.

But it’s not just about the ‘packaging’. My new website which focuses on Nottingham children’s entertainment,  Derby Children’s entertainment, Leicester Children’s entertainment and Chesterfield children’s entertainment and beyond, also offers you a flavour of the kind of kids parties I offer.

They are fast, fun, full of energy, ‘age-specific’, stress free, and most parents agree – offers excellent value for money – especially my 2 hour party package.

So what’s new about this show?

Well – if you look at my home page – you will see 6 guarantees. Rather than me list them here, have a look on You can also see my trailer of me performing at a recent children’s birthday party here too. What you see there, I deliver time and time again! It is these foundations which make my shows so popular with mums and kids and allows for the range of recommendations that you can see on my comments page.

My brand new show offers new games, new puppets, new music, new magic and loads of new added extras which are always a surprise when I come to the party. My act has evolved from the time when I first started and is still evolving and I always welcome, recommendations, criticisms and comments – it helps my act improve.

So what will this blog be about?

It will be like my site and like my act. Original. Fresh. Fun. Readable. I’ll be including some thoughts on kids’ magic, children themselves, funny stories, tit-bits from the web and give readers something a bit more interesting that describing me as a Loughborough Kids’ magician and the places I work at as an example which I see so much of on the web these days.