Magic secrets. It’s not the destination, it’s the ride. Part 1.

It's not the destination, it's the ride

It’s not the destination, it’s the ride!

Most children’s entertainers have a background, or at least started out as close-up magicians. I did, and I am still as an avid table magician, or close up magician today as I was when I first dabbled with a deck of cards over 15 years ago.

Admittedly I still perform a lot of close up adult magic / wedding magic (as it is more commonly known), but my love of magic has evolved and I am now a passionate children’s entertainer.

In the world of adult magic, often you can be reliant on the strength of the trick itself. Those who choose to embrace storytelling and presentation in the world of adult magic such as Eugene Berger have carved out a somewhat unique niche for themselves.

The magical effect itself becomes more of a thing of beauty than just a card trick. In the impatient world that we live in, people ‘just want to see the magic’ or so they think. For me, a trick becomes an effect when it is shrouded in theatre and structure. You can build suspense, build expectations, bluff, joke, and of course, misdirect by using presentation and story-telling. But for some magicians it’s about the trick. The wow!  The prestige.

For children and in all my years of entertaining children, myself and other seasoned veterans of our craft will tell you it is not the magical moment that the children enjoy and remember, it is the presentation – ‘the ride’.

If you come and see my show (and don’t have a natter at the back of the room :-) ), hopefully it will be the magical journey, full of comedy and interaction that holds your attention and is what you and your son and daughter will remember, long after the puppets and magic have been packed away….

Kids’ magicians are often looked down on from the dizzying heights of self-importance from adult magicians as they feel our craft is not magic in the truest sense of the word. In fact the truth is that to perform, or entertain and to bring out humour, suspense and interaction in children or any audience in fact, is something they are not fully comfortable with, and fair enough as we are all different.

They could perform a kids’ show with a deck of cards and some fancy coin moves, but invariably the children will give no reaction. If they were to react, it would be along the lines of ‘it was in your hand already’ or, ‘it’s a puppet’, or an assortment of other heckles. If the performer were to put their cards back in their case, and coins back in their pocket they would realise that fooling the audience or demonstrating some remarkable sleight of hand is not the goal of performing to children.

I am a children’s entertainer. Yes I do magic, but I am an entertainer first and foremost. Now here is the magic secret. I secure most of my repeat bookings because I have been able to make the kids’ laugh, have fun, interact and squeal in delight and not just because I can make them say ‘Wow!’ time and time again. Yes, the magic is still great fun and important in my shows, but the majority of my magical effects are just purely good fun!

To watch the kind of interactions the kids have in one of my shows please click on my children’s entertainer show-reel here.