Children’s magic secrets. Part 2.

Magic secrets revealed

Magic secrets revealed!!

All my shows are full of interaction. Interactions per minute and sometimes per second are how I measure my shows. Are the children laughing? Are they having fun? Are they shouting the magic words? Have they got their hands in the air doing funny magical movements?

Just the same as a comedian measures his/her shows by the frequency and number of laughs they can get in a period of time, a similar situation applies in my magic shows. Again, this is similar to a hip-hop or pop start at a concert – “Let me hear you say – yeahhhh!!” You remember the show more if you have interacted and got involved beyond the dancing singing and watching. Some of the top kids’ magicians in our business can get 1 laugh every 5 seconds from children. This is through having a tried and tested routine and repertoire and trialing what works and what doesn’t  It also depends on the country and certainly the age group of the kids to how I tailor my show to achieve these kinds of laughs and interactions.

For me, it’s not the destination for the children, it the ride which is the secret to being a successful children’s entertainer.

Why is this magic secret number one?

Well, when you perform to an adult, most enter into your world of magic with an element of skepticism. They know what is possible and what is not. That has been borne out of their years of experience. Not only that but many, may not even want to buy into the idea of magic, the same as they won’t buy into the idea of fairies, ghosts, the cookies monster or the moon is made of cheese.

For children, their beliefs are still suspended. For most children, Father Christmas is still very real and the tooth fairy will almost certainly come if you leave your tooth under your pillow. With magic, a child still does not know what is possible and what is not possible; more so the younger they are.  If they buy into your abilities as a performer, they will think that when they grow up they will have these feats of magic you have just demonstrated, and to be fair, they think most adults can.

This is another and perhaps the most important psychological reason children are not impressed / overly care about the climax or ending of the trick – more the destination or ride along the way.

This is my first proper linked post about magic and it’s delivery. There will be more and even if you don’t do magic – hopefully it’s food for thought that you can apply with your own children or if you are organising you own kids parties! If you are interested in regular notifications when I most some new musings, drop me an email iva my contact form on my homepage – or like my Facebook page