Kids’ Magic Show – Part two.

I'm no-where near as scary as this Wizard but if you were interested in booking me for a party, please call 07934 856 696!

I’m no-where near as scary as this Wizard but if you were interested in booking me for a party, please call 07934 856 696!

I physically meet and perform to more children and their respective mothers and father’s than I would ever dream of if I was limiting myself to adults.  The number children I perform over the course of a year is on a par with David Copperfield or some high profile stage illusionists in las Vegas such as Siegfried and Roy or Lance Burton.

Much like a teacher, I genuinely believe that children’s entertainers have a huge impact on the early years of a child’s life. If I hadn’t seen Paul Daniels on TV, or David Blaine performing street magic when I was younger – would I be a magician now? Even when I talk to my other half, she tells me about the first magician she saw when she was little and can even remember the tricks he did!!! Wow!! If I am having that kind of effect on 120 kids over the course of a weekend (30 per party) that’s a lot of children who will (hopefully) remember William the Wizard when they get to 30 years old or so…..

So, why or how are children so different to adults when it comes to magic?

If you perform a trick to adult and they like it – they will conservatively applaud. If you perform a thoroughly engaging effect to a child they will raucously laugh out loud, clap, cheer and shout in their expression of adulation. If you mess up a trick for an adult, boy you will feel it. It will be a look of scorn cast over your 52 pasteboards. Maybe a snigger or look which implies ‘who booked this joker?’ (I have never received this look by the way lol– or at least I hope if I have, I have rectified it with a dazzling showpiece to follow or swallowed my pride and taken the look). If you mess up a trick for a child, they will let you know about it in a lot more overt way. ‘The stupid entertainer’, will create the odd laugh for his faux pas, but most youngsters will let you know their dis-taste of your fumbling by getting up, looking around, walking out, jumping on the bouncy castle or playing with your props or doing something else to fill their attention. It is not their fault. This is the combination of the poor children’s entertainment they are being exposed to and the simple but undeniable fact that ‘children have not been socialised into being a polite audience’. Adults won’t tell you were poor. Adults heckle you if you drop a prop on the floor. Children will do both of these. It makes you a better performer. You will never mess that up again…… You will know to tailor your performance ability, not technicalities to interact with more fun and how to ensure their attention his held, so that this odd mistake will go un-noticed under the wave of laughter.

That said; it is performing on a stage every weekend with the sheer randomness of the audience you are about to encounter or the unpredictability of your helper that makes being a children’s entertainer such a hugely exciting, rewarding and worthwhile profession that I absolutely love. As any children’s entertainment professional will tell you, if an adult magician tell us ‘kids magic’ is not real magic, it really is like water-off-a-ducks-back and also why you end up spending more than you should on props and ideas to make children smile, engage with you and have fun and make your 2 hour show the best in the business. I love being a children’s entertainer and hopefully, kids’ love me attending their party and is one of the main reasons why I get so many repeat bookings…… If you are interested in how I can be an asset to your kids party please give me a call on 07934 856 696 for more information or fill out the contact form on my kids magician contact page.