Children’s birthday party checklist

Stress-free kids' parties made easy!!

Stress-free kids’ parties made easy!!

One of the biggest problem mother’s face when organising a children’s birthday party is booking a party venue of the time and date that they want.

Don’t forget the 6 Ps: Perfect planning prevents (less than) poor performance!

There are hundreds of party venues out there offering brilliant value for money. Some of the things you should always check for when booking a hall is – do they have the dates available? Do they have an oven? Do they have toilets? Do they have drinking water? Will the key-holder be there to open up? What times is the hall available from? Don’t forget to ask for discounts!!

Are you struggling for a venue? Worry no more, I have compiled a list of ideal birthday party venues on my website. party venues chesterfield, party venues gedling, party venues Leicester, party venues burton, party venues Nottingham, party venues West bridgford, party venues wollaton, party venues derby,  party venues loughborough, party venues mansfield and party venues rotherham.

Wait one second….

Do you need to hire a hall? My parties are scalable to a big hall to a small living room. This means that you don’t have to transport any food anywhere, you accommodate dietary requirements a lot easier and you save a bit of money by holding it home. Some people worry their living rooms are too small. Put it this way…if there’s room for the children to sit with a bit of room to dance and room for me with my small box and MINI (not large) disco equipment then this is a feasible and definite option worth considering.

So you’ve got your party venue sourced….now it’s times to sit down and compile a list of guests. Optimal size for parties is 20-30 guests. There may be a couple of no-shows but this early preparation is giving guests a super early heads-up and know not to book anything and give you the chance to re-check if mums and children are coming or not. This ensures you don’t over-cater. The number of times I have seen ridiculous amounts of food wastage is 1 in 5 parties I go to.  Typically only 75-80% of invitees never attend. Cater for that number….

Now get your invitations sent!! I’ve tried to make my parties as stress-free and as good value for money as possible. As a result, you can download and print off you own FREE party invitations here. You can print these off and cut them into 4 and send them out to the guests. Not only do these look really great in high colour but they add loads of value to your party!

There are still a few other bits to get….decorations.

  1. Balloons
  2. Print off some FREE bespoke party posters
  3. Bunting
  4. Disposable table cloths
  5. Plastic Knives and Forks
  6. Paper plates
  7. Plastic cups
  8. Napkins

Now your’re down at the supermarket it may be worth keeping your eyes filled for some party bag goodies. You’ll notice that little toys and bits and bobs soon mount up. Not only that, but if you buy 30 party bags and only 25 children turn up then you are lumbered with an excessive amount of party bags, not to mention the expense.

Why not take this hassle and stress away?

I offer some great unisex party bags full of bubbles, sweets, yo-yos, bats, games and other gizmos for just £1.90 each and they offer great value for money. Not only that – you only pay for what you use!

Next up – food……

Think healthy + reduce the sugar + reduce the salt + reduce the e-numbers = brownie points from other parents + thinner children + children who can sleep at night!

Compile a shopping list the day before – and buy less food than you think you need…seriously kids’ don’t eat a lot – not when they are more excited about whacking their friend on the head with a balloon!!

On the big day you will help serve the food – I’ll get the kids’ up to the table in a nice straight long line, don’t worry! Then it’s down to you to serve a bit of food for 10-15 mins and the rest of the time, watch their little mouths chomp away.

[TOP TIP! Ask a few of the parent’s before-hand to ‘do you a favour’ and help you serve food. Of course they will say yes, and help your party be even more stress free!!]

Coming up next time is part two which is crammed full of extra tips, suggestions and ideas!! For more information on how I can make your party super-stress free and fun, please call me on 07934 856 696!