Kid’s magic show checklist continued

Make a checklist - at the top - call an entertainer. (07934 856 696!) ;-)

Make a checklist – at the top – call an entertainer. (07934 856 696!) ;-)

What about music?

Don’t worry – I’ve got it covered. My fully self-contained, PAT tested disco equipment and lights can pump out some fun party tunes to get the party started! If you have any requests, please drop me an email before-hand on

Put a note on the calendar – to pre-cook the pizzas, jacket potatoes or any other party food that requires a heat up. Trust me on this one – I have been to a few parties where the kids have just eaten cakes because the food has not been cooked or not defrosted or the oven has failed to work.


Don’t forget:

  1. Bin Bags
  2. A dustpan and brush (tp make sure you get the hall deposit back!)
  3. Candles for the cake
  4. Lighter or matches for the candles

Pre-party room set-up:

Creating a perfect party is one of the main things I always focus on when delivering my parties. One of the main considerations is that of the layout of the room in order to eliminate distractions. Here are a few tips for the layout.

  1. Put the entertainer at the furthest end of the room (away from the noise of the doors opening of latecomers) This eliminates distraction as you can mill about at the end of the room.
  2. Position the entertainer on or in front of the stage. (This eliminates kids running up on the stage)
  3. Make sure there are sockets nearby for the mini-disco system and lights to be plugged into. I say within 10 metres if you wanted to eliminate any unsightly cables trailing around the room.
  4. Put tables and chairs out. Position these near the kitchen for ease of delivering the food.
  5. Think about the focal point – where you would like your child to sit.
  6. When decorating the room, try to hang the balloons up. Scatter balloons are a professional entertainer nightmare, as they make noise, children fall over, they pop etc etc.
  7. If you have hired a hall – make sure there is loads of space for the kids.
  8. Probably the most consistently overlooked problem is that of chairs for the parents. Get them put out around the edge of the hall for the parents to sit and watch the show. My show is not your classic stupid humour show only geared at 2 year olds – it’s a family friendly show and if even the most sceptical parent doesn’t have a chuckle or smile of enjoyment I’d be surprised…

So we’ve got the room prepped. Now what?

Make sure that the entertainer will be arriving early to set up his show and get the music on and show area dressed for the arrival of the first guest.

[TOP TIP ALERT! Get your son or daughter to keep a little list of which guest has brought which birthday present – this will help with the thank you letters at the end of the show]

So the room is dressed, music is on, food is ready and covered in cling film, squash is diluted and in jugs, the parents are seated and it’s time to start the show. It’s now over to me to do what I do best as a children’s entertainer and kids’ magician.

Step back and relax. Your work is done. With the exception of helping with the food (don’t forget you have already conscripted some other mum’s into helping) you can now relax and enjoy the show. If you wanted to have a natter with your friends – maybe sneak out into the kitchen so the kids’ aren’t distracted and have the times of their lives.

After dinner, it’s time for everyone to sing happy birthday and your boy or girl to blow out the candles on their cake. Don’t’ forget the matches. Don’t forget your camera!

For a more detailed breakdown of the party please see my party page.

End of the show…..

So the kids have their bellies full of yummy food, had loads of fun dancing, won loads of prizes, are clutching their party bags and have had tons of fun with the magic and puppet show and mini disco – it’s now home time. I’ll pack down and you can get your other half to help out with the bin liners…

So we’ve packed down and that’s the party done. The last few photos and goodbyes and hopefully that was a party your child will remember for the rest of their lives and you will be congratulating yourselves for such a stress-free party well executed.

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