Birthday Party Music – The magic of music.

Music and magic work together beautifully.

Music and magic work together beautifully.

Just bang on some min-disco tunes and away you go right

To point you can do, but music means so much more to children than you would expect. I use music extensively in my shows, be it from my own signature music, to classic mini-disco tunes and other popular tracks. I even use music in my magic show to enhance the full experience.

Music itself, can improve our mood, create bonds, and help form memories. For children you can combine all of these elements to explore the deep-rooted auditory learning’s of children. Think, baa baa-black sheep, rock a-by baby, twinkle, twinkle little star. These are all therapeutic sounds or songs which will take us back to our infantile state those many years ago.

Music is essential in early brain development,  especially in the mother’s womb where all the little nerve cells and endings grow in the baby’s brain. Upon giving birth there is often an intrinsic link between what music soothes the baby in times of distress and what music the mother has been listening to whilst relaxing during her pregnancy. It will be more than likely the music or sounds that have been transmitted from the mother’s belly into her womb and into the babies nerve endings whilst she has been relaxed.

Fast forward a few years after birth and we find that music plays an important role in the developmental stages of a child’s life. When I perform a magic show and cram it full of music, children and not only being entertained but developing as humans, as children, as youths and as adults.

Music itself, helps them to increase their own self-esteem as birthday party music (or at least the party music I play) is non-judgemental and helps bond or unite the group. This is why I always kick off my shows with group dancing games. This creates a sense of unity. This same formula of creating unity and familiarity is used in schools when children sing songs together or dance together.

Talking of schools; music, sound and rhythm can also improve cognitive abilities. I myself remember being flaunted as the ‘child who could spit out his times tables faster than anyone else’ purely because I had learnt the songs and the rhythms that accompany the multiplication tables.  There is even stronger evidence to show that music helps children and adults learn. I am always amazed when I meet someone who has a shocking memory and freely admits to having one, but can remember full songs from the radio – and happily warble them out without so much as a stumble.

Using melodies and tempos of course fine-tunes children’s auditory skills and increases the motor neurons in their auditory brain development. Music and sound is especially powerful when teaching special needs children. I have often been booked to perform magic to special needs children and the lights of my mini disco combined with the dancing, actions and melodic music, provide them with immense enjoyment. Working with special needs children’s in sensory rooms through medical professionals can over a period of time help stimulate and improve speech development.

For us all though, music can relieve stress. Do children have stress? You bet they do, but it manifests itself in a very different way to adults. They do not have the capacity to make the reasoned decisions based on certain challenges as they have not had the relevant life experience. Thus, they toy, unable to commit to the correct route to take stress flourishes.

The words from rock-a-by-baby are both soothing and relaxing as are the tunes, beats and melodies from our favourite tunes too.

So, there you have it! The positives for including music in a child’s life and the reason why the mini-disco at the start of my shows always get the children enthused, bonded and ready for the post-party food magic and puppet show…..

If you want a list of party tunes you could play at your party, please contact me through my contact form on my home page or give me a call on 07934 856 696 for more details.

Please check out the youtube link above which is a beautiful illusion of mixing magic and music. This is from 1951 – Fred Astaire. Enjoy…..