Learn magic tricks – the variety……

Is it an illusion or a trick or another one of the techniques used below?

Is it an illusion or a trick or another one of the techniques used below?

As I have mentioned before – with kids’ magic – it’s he entertainment ride or journey not the destination which the kid’s remember. That said, to routine an effect for a child, their still needs to be a climax or prestige to the effect. When I am routining effects for kids, I work backwards from the finale to the beginning filling in the comedy elements and spikes of interest to capture the little one’s imagination.

That said, all magic tricks / effects follow one of the following 7 central themes.

Appearance: This is where the performer magically produces something seemingly from out of mid-air. Be it a rabbit out of a hat, coin from behind the ear or dove from a pan.

Transformation: This is where the entertainer makes a coin transform into a larger coin or 3 unequal lengths of rope all become the same length.

Transposition: This is where the magician can make something move from one place to another seemingly magically. Be it balls under a cup or cards into a spectator’s pocket.

Vanishing: This is where the illusionist may make something disappear. A car, a rabbit, a dove, silk or even the Statue of Liberty – when an elephant is just not big enough!

Restoration: This is where the prestidigitator destroy an object and then restore it to it’s original self under your very nose. Be it a torn and restored card, rope or note, all of these feats are inexplicable and are often examinable….

Telekenisis: This is where the psychic makes something defy gravity by floating around without the aid of any wires or devices. Copperfield levitated himself. Other forms of telekensis include the movement of objects under their own freewill such as spoon and fork bending ala. Uri Geller.

Mentalism or extra sensory or superhuman abilities: This is where the trickster may catch a bullet in between his teeth, read somebodies name or divine some secret information.

With the correct routines, all of these forms of magic can be applied to children’s entertainment if you adhere to the steadfast rule that it’s not the destination – it’s the ride. It is the magicial byplay along the way is crucial to the success of any children’s entertainer. However it would be somewhat a travesty if you forget that the magical climax still has its own weight and beauty to a routine or effect.

If we are performing for children, we must still achieve to perform the magic to the highest standard and quality.

And why not? Because they are children?

They will catch you.

Their eyes absorb more than adults…… Thus we must not reveal or expose the secrets to our craft through poor performance. We must ensure that we aren’t just going through the motions and spitting out patter as if saying “good morning” – our timing in presenting the climax must indicate that we understand when the magic happens to our audience, be it 5 or 55 years old.

To see some of my antics and variety of magic techniques and skills mentioned above demonstrated check out my teaser trailer on my homepage of www.williamthewizard.co.uk or on my adult magic website www.magicduncan.co.uk