Party venues tips and ideas.

Choosing the best birthday party venue...

Choosing the best birthday party venue…

So, if you look down the bottom of all of my web pages of my site you will see a selection of party venues for you to choose form and help you out.  As you can imagine, I get booked to perform in all kinds of places ranging from gardens, to houses, to village halls, to old school halls, to churches, to theaters and more.

More often than not, the most popular party venues are usually the home or a village or church hall.

So, let’s look at the positives and negatives of a home. You can simply reverse this, to this the positives and negatives of a hall.



  1. No booking fees.
  2. No worry about booking certain dates.
  3. No worry about travelling there with all your food etc
  4. No worry about forgetting something (You usually have some matches somewhere in the house ;-) )
  5. The set-up is usually a lot simpler – moving a few chairs etc.
  6. Generally it is very local to everyone else.
  7. You know pretty much how many people can fit in your living room or play room.



  1. The main worry for most parents in kids’ breaking things.
  2. You will probably need to spend more time clearing up after the kids, to get your house back to perfect.
  3. Cater for accidents, spillages etc. Could be costly.
  4. You will have to re-arrange the furniture
  5. Too many kids may get out of control
  6. Some may run amok with all those little hidey holes around the house.
  7. There is usually just one toilet.
  8. All of these things can lead to more worry as generally it is your personal possessions on the line!

As I said, you can reverse all of these for a hall but there are other options.


The Garden.

Using the garden is often and usually dependent on the weather. Rain and then that’s it – game over – unless you have an indoor back up plan. Unless you hire a covered bouncy castle, you could have the worry of kids trapsing mud through the house and the other problems mentioned above. The weather leaves too much to chance, but is certainly an option in high summer.

Some entertainers will happily perform outside but like me, will specify that if it is spitting / raining or windy then I can’t perform outside. The kids won’t feel happy, my props will get wet and it could turn out to be a sad soggy affair.


So, you’ve decided to have it in your house?

Do you have a large enough area. My party games are all scaleable so I don’t have to set up huge props and massive disco lights and sound systems. This makes my parties play as big as a church hall or as small as a home. Generally I ask for an area for me and the kids to be about 6 metres by 6 metres (15-20 kids) as minimum, approximately.

A village hall, is of course, larger and allows kids to run around more, and sit down and eat more comfortably without being cramped and there is no need to worry about it raining.


How many kids should you invite?

This should be based on the size of the room.  Don’t invite the whole school just because the last mum did. They probably regretted it and it cost them a lot of money – not just in food but in wastage too. I always suggest to mum’s to make less food rather than more as there is usually a 10-15% drop-out rate for parties.

Most parties work well between 20-30 people, but really it is up to you. Some entertainers put limits of the number of children you can invite, or charge extra. I don’t, but if you were considering booking other forms of entertainment, check this first….

Another thing to bear in mind is that there should really be room or chairs for mums to sit down if they are staying. I for one, like mums to stay at it gives them a chance to watch and enjoy my ‘family friendly’ show. Children under the age of six often have their mums stay. That could equate to another 30 chairs needed and room for them too!! Usually 7 years and above, mum’s adopt a ‘drop and dash’ approach.

If you have any other tips or ideas about venues, please drop me an email on or call me on 07934 856 696.

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