Balloon modelling in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Chesterfield.

Balloon Modelling

Balloon Modelling is an add on to all my magic birthday parties!

I often get asked about doing some balloon modelling and whilst I am happy to oblige on occasion, I find that it is not the best use of my time and your money. Balloon modelling is often for 1 child who gets one balloon model and whilst their excitement for that balloon they have just been presented with wanes, whilst the next child gets the a different balloon model made for them.

Whilst some mums ask for this, balloon modelling is not the most stimulating activity for the child as they are not interacting, playing, having fun and everything a party should be about. That said, I do offer balloon models as prizes now and again and as a fantastic party bag alternative.

Kids’ love playing with balloons, and that is a fact? But why? Well, they are brightly coloured, large and have very unusual properties compared to most everyday objects. The texture is also unusual, sometimes shiny, rubbery, rough and full of resistance. The squeaky noise running damp fingers down it also makes children laugh and squirm.

It’s big, yet you can throw it in the air and it will float. You can rub it on your hair and it will stick the wall. Yet, it is light and soft so it doesn’t hurt when they bash each other on the head or throw it around the room. It’s a fun, cheap, safe toy to be played with around homes and halls.

Fill them with helium and the balloons take on an even more strange dimension.

And if an adult sucks a bit of helium out of a balloon, even more laughter ensures……(not suitable for children though – and this comes with its own health warnings of course!)

I perform a few tricks with balloons and the gags and laughter you can squeeze out of a bit of balloon manipulation is worth its weight in gold…. Yet parents can play lots of balloon games in the comfort of their own home too..

Simple activities such as blowing up balloons and tying them together with string for an outdoor garden party is great fun. Kids’ love blowing up and tying up balloons.

Once inflated, you can draw faces on them if you can do balloon modelling and write messages on them.

You can even tie a little message with your phone number on it and send it flying off into the sky. Whoever finds the balloon in their back garden can get a new pen pal out of it or it’s sometimes really interesting to see how far the balloon has flown.

You can do even more things with a selection of balloons. Using toilet rolls, Paper Mache, string, wool etc. and a few dabs of P.V.A glue you can make a whole raft of funny shapes such as robots, dogs etc.

You can even use balloons which haven’t been inflated to make funky hats or wigs by tying them onto a straw hat.

Other games you can play include a running race where you have to race to the finish line with a balloon between your legs each.

Of course there are safety considerations with balloons, such as the loud pops can sometimes upset the younger ones, and you need to be careful they don’t put them in their mouths.

So what is balloon modelling?

Balloon modelling or balloon twisting is the shaping of special modelling balloons, usually 260 Qulatex into various shapes and sizes such as balloon animals, flowers, swords, hats and more.

People who create balloon animals and other twisted shapes are often called balloon Modellers, Balloon Twisters or  Balloon Artists and often perform at children’s birthday parties at home, in restaurants, or other private events or celebrations. Balloon modellers, use a variety of techniques and number so balloons using one-balloon or multiple balloon approaches, and use techniques such as weaving and stuffing, yet there are many more techniques and styles.

Often balloon modellers inflate their shapes using their mouths, but nowadays, air pumps or battery powered or electric pumps are equally popular. Helium filled balloons require a different kind of balloon due to traditional rubber balloons being too porous and heavy for this gas.

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