Party venue considerations

Kids' birthday party venue considerations.

Kids’ birthday party venue considerations.

I visit many many party venues each year and I can usually tell which venue is going to be perfect within 5 seconds. Acoustics, staging, distractions are all my considerations but parent’s have a lot more considerations.

Be careful not to just book a party venue based on it’s location or it’s price.Without a doubt these should be the primary considerations but there are other very important factors to consider too and many are often overlooked – here are a few tips:



  1. Are you required to pay a deposit?
  2. Does it have ample parking for the mums and entertainers?
  3. Will the manager / manageress be on site on arrival?
  4. How do you get the key?
  5. Do you get booking confirmation details?
  6. Do you have exclusive use, or is there a side room used for ‘dominoes’ or a barber shop quartet?
  7. Does the venue have (sufficient) tables and chairs?
  8. How do you turn on the heating / unlock the windows?
  9. Are the sockets – do you require electrical equipment to be PAT tested?
  10. How large is the venue itself – room space?
  11. Do they allow bouncy castles or pets inside?
  12. Does the venue have accessibility from the ground floor (For disabled people or an entertainer lugging his gear around)
  13. Does it have a kitchen?
  14. Is the gas and water supplies hooked up?
  15. Does the venue have toilets – and are they clean?
  16. Is it a ‘closed door’ venue or can people wander in off the street?

Other considerations include – if you are hiring a sports hall – think about the acoustics. Can you dress a massive hall accordingly or will the happy birthday banners and balloons be lost in it.

As a result I would, if I had a preference avoid the following venues:

Leisure centres (reasons mentioned above)

Town centre venues (Limited parking)

Pubs with pay and display car parks

Venues open to the general public

All of these will pose issues to the party organiser. Issues = stress = worries. My parties are about offering great value for money stress-free parties but cannot advise you on venues if they have already been booked.

Another consideration is how long to book the hall for?

It usually takes me about 10-15 minutes to set up my act. It packs small and plays very big. For mum’s and dads’ they may need longer.

What time factors do you need to consider?

  1. Getting into the venue?
  2. Unloading the party food etc from the car.
  3. Getting the tables and chairs out from the storage room.
  4. Unclicking the tables
  5. Prepping the last of the food
  6. Making the juice
  7. Dressing the tables
  8. Dressing the hall.
  9. The entertainer will need to set up.
  10. Meeting and greeting guests
  11. Blowing up balloons
  12. Other eventualities

In total, I would suggest that you allocate approximately 1 hour either side of the party. Or even 1 hour before and half an hour after. Packing down whilst the show is on, however, can be extremely distracting to the kids, not to mention the entertainer and other parents. Therefore, you do need that buffer at the end of the celebration to get packed down…..

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