A day in the life of a children’s entertainer.

A day in the life of a children's entertainer.

A day in the life of a children’s entertainer.

So – what’s it all about?

A typical Saturday starts with no lie in. Usually waking up at 8am to prep party bags or balloons and load the car, and of course, shower and get into my William the Wizard outfit and matching alter ego.

Then it’s time for my compulsory green tea, granola, a bit of fruit and I’m ready to go.

So what do I pack?

Well, of course, I pack my magic case, sound system, lights, puppets, limbo set and a bag full of prizes.

On top of that there is my faithful Satnav, Wallet, Phone, couple of bits of fruit, tons of water, diary deodorant and change of T-shirt and magic hat, together with a deck of cards and other magical and mental curiosities.

So then, it’s straight to my first gig. I try to get there about 15-20 minutes before the show to set up so as the kids are arriving they are greeted by great music, lights and my magic case and a smiling face. After briefing the mum about points in the party where she can take the cling film off the food or light the candles on the cake and reiterate the structure of the show, a bit of balloon play and interaction with the quiet or shy kids, it’s on with the show….

The birthday child is made to feel the start of the show from the outset and loads of fun non-elimination age specific party games ensue, together with tons of prizes meaning no children go away empty handed. Then it’s time for a break, and I usually get the chance to take a cheeky photo of the cake and wow the mum’s and dads with some adult magic.

Food eaten, and the kids now high on sugar and excitement, it’s on with the magic and puppet show. But wait – we haven’t sung happy birthday. This is a great time for the cake and candles and following this, we really can get started with the magic show properly.

If it’s a repeat booking, I mix the show up a bit but either way the focus is on fun, laughter and entertainment, and whilst the magic is important, it’s almost secondary to the kids having a brilliant time.

With the 2 hour show over, I give out some souvenirs, pack down my show, load it into the car, say goodbye to the kids’ parents, and mums and dads who have booked me, plug my details into the satnav and it’s off to party number 2. Usually I perform 3 – 4 2 hour shows each day over the weekend with my day finishing at about 7-730pm. Super fun but exhausting!

Then I unpack the car, change, shower, have some tea, set my alarm and then it’s Sunday – and ready for round two!

I get to meet loads of really nice kids, parents, mums and dads and get to see loads of the UK where I wouldn’t normally go. I get to perform so fun magic and get to see the smiles on children’s faces. Not only that, but I get paid, for doing a brilliant job!

If you wanted to see how I could slot you into my fun, yet busy day, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07934 856 696 or email me on magic@williamthewizard.co.uk.

You can view my trailer here: www.williamthewizard.co.uk or better still, to keep track of what I do week to week, like my Facebook page on www.facebook.com/kidspartymagician.