Things to do on the day of the Birthday Party

So the day you have been preparing for the last few weeks is finally here….. Today is the day to execute or those plans.

Birthday party check list.

Birthday party check list.

Here is a handy checklist of things to remember:

  • Have you booked the entertainment hall, and is it large enough for the entertainer to set his show up, large enough for the kids to dance around and large enough for tables for the party food, and chairs for the parents.
  • I would always advise to position the party table near the kitchen hatch to serve drinks, pack things away into the kitchen etc.
  • Chairs for the parents are always great as my show is a really fun family show and the parents can always do with a sit down for the show. Not only that but positioning the chairs relatively close to the performance area ensures that any shy children won’t be too far away from their parents  either.
  • Although some parents will watch the show with their kids, there is a small percentage of adults who have no interest in watching the show. They can sometimes talk too loudly, and even drown out the chatter of the performer or children. As an entertainer, it is one of the most challenging aspects of our job – to ensure the kids aren’t distracted by the parent’s chatter but at the same time being respectful to the parents who probably won’t take kindly to a children’s entertainer asking them not to talk loudly.
  • As the host/mother or father it’s important if they can take ownership or responsibility for this, as the parents are more likely to respond positively to the host who has paid good money to hire the hall, hire the entertainer, pay for the food etc. By ensuring the kids aren’t distracted by chattering parents maximises the child’s fun, and see a better reward on your outlay.
  • I always think it’s a great idea for a designated table for the party gifts. Couple this up with a list as to who has given what so you can easily remember who to send thank you letters for and for what.
  • I always like to see a table set up for the birthday cake, as the cakes are usually amazing and are worth showcasing to the audience….
  • Upon arrival, you will need to stick up the banners, the balloons, get the balloons inflated if using helium, stick up posters and decorate the food table.
  • Keeping the balloons off the floor also eliminates unexpected pops, fighting etc.
  • Another key thing to remember is matches for the candles on the cake, tea bags if you offer to make the parents a cup of tea and a large knife to carve up the cake.
  • The other main thing not to forget is phone numbers for the mums in case they leave their child at the party, and the other thing to remember is the box of party bags. However, if you have let me organise them for you, that is another thing off your list which will be one less thing to remember and one less thing to be stressed about…..

One of my guarantees is to offer a stress free-fun party. I do my absolute very best to ensure this happens and to find out more, you can email me on or call me on 07934 856 696 for more information.