My life in magic – Part 3.

I took my magic around the globe, performing on the streets of America, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India and most notably – Japan.

I ended up living in Japan for 2 amazing years. I performed on the street, held a residency in a bar, performed by invitation at an exclusive club alongside the world renowned and extremely creative Andrew Goldenhersh, children’s magic in schools and close up magic on the streets of my hometown. Japan was amazing and the reactions to a Western performing magic – incredible. I will talk about my time in Japan another time, including my study and practice of hypnosis.

My time in Japan unfortunately came to an end I returned to the UK only after taking 3 months out to travel and perform magic around South America.

Go back a few years to 2011 and I decided to make a wholehearted effort to make a success of my magic. Focussing on the children’s magic and adult magic and techniques and ways to market myself – my brother was already and established performer who gave me a couple of pointers. Understandably I had to learn and research and implement most if not all of it myself. Despite being conned out of significant amounts of money by unscrupulous companies and problems with web designers and other marketing ‘professionals’ I managed to launch my magic business in 2011.

Here I focussed on adult magic, trade shows, tarot reading and kids magic.

After taking calls from people wanting their tarot cards read, I realised this wasn’t for me and stopped performing this part of my business – which I did in the form of entertainment – regardless. I focussed on kids and adult magic.

In Japan I was booked a couple of times to perform magic to children in schools and kindergartens. Couple this with the my full time job as a teacher for children aged between 2 to 15 where the focus was on learning through entertaining without using the Japanese language – I think this equipped my with some of the most valuable and essential skills in being a children’s entertainer.

I know I have already written about this so won’t repeat myself but I truly learnt that despite a language barrier it is the entertainment ride which the kids remember. The end result of the magic, or learning the new words in English is a by-product of the fun they have had and they will remember this more clearly and vividly.

With this knowledge, skills and understanding I invested in some fantastic books to cement, reinforce, and enhance my knowledge. Books from authors such as John Breeds, David Kaye would support fantastic lectures and DVDs from Dave Allen, John Kimmons, Jozo Bozo, David Tomkins, Bill Abbott, Kidabara sessions as well as a wealth of other material.

If you wanted to find out about becoming a kids magician or children’s entertainer, you are welcome to drop me a call on 07934 856 696 or email me on and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.