Children’s entertainer 2014. New show, new outfit, new puppets, new tricks, new games.

New show 2014

I have a brand new show for 2014 – new tricks, new puppets, new games and new surprises!!

So 2014 is now well and truly under-way and thank you so much for all of your support and bookings through 2013. I hope you and your children all had fun – I know I certainly did!!

During 2013 I performed a couple of different shows which I alternated between parties and repeat bookings ensuring my act stayed fresh and exciting for mums, dads, kids and me. Now with bookings coming in for 2014 and a real passion for making kids laugh, getting them to interact with the show and puppets and fall in love with the wonder of magic, and wanting to push myself as a performer I have put together a brand new act for 2014!!

After 6 months in development and quite a lot of expense (puppets are super expensive lol) I now have a brand new show ready to go. Featuring a brand new, cheeky puppet, new gags, laughter, tricks and entertainment and quite a few other unique, special surprises for everyone and for the ‘star’ – the birthday child too!!

Not only do I have a brand new action packed 45 minute magic and puppet show, I’ve also put together a brand new first half of the show – that of loads of new, really fun, fully interactive, ‘non-elimination’ party games. Games, involving socks, lemons, monkey noises, funny movement, quizzes and tons of other stuff not to mention a couple of revamps of my most popular games!!

Don’t worry though, if you have seen my show before and your son or daughter particularly liked certain puppets or tricks, I can certainly include them into this new show!! After all, kids love familiarity – you must have noticed how they love to watch the same episode of postman pat over and over again. They also like originality and freshness – and so do I! It makes the party more fresh and fun and usually end up picking up loads of extra funny lines usually from the kids.

Talking of extra lines…. A five-year-old told me a joke the other day. I loved it and even though I really want to include it in my kids’ show, the professional in me really knows I shouldn’t! Well here it is – to share with your own kids if you think they are old enough and it’s appropriate enough ;-) ….

Q. How do you make a pool table laugh?

A. Tickle his balls!!

The little 5 year old boy told the joke into my mic in the middle of the show. I loved it, the adults loved, the kids loved it – and it was made funnier by the fact that a 5 year old said it!

Not only am I rolling out a brand new show for 2014 – I also have a brand new outfit – nice fresh T-shirts and slightly different style. No, I won’t be dressing as a clown or similar – my style is a modern wizard – so no long white beard or scary clowns face to scare the kids either. Of course I still have a hat – all magicians need a hat and a wand after all!

Hopefully, mums and dads who have seen my show in 2013 will get the chance to see my new show in 2014 and get the opportunity to comment on my Facebook page!

The second act is always trickier than the first, as the bar is already high. My goal in children’s entertainment is to raise the bar and keep raising the bar, setting new standards for other entertainers and hopefully making mum’s and dad’s re-think their pre-conceived ideas of kids magic. Hopefully this new act is even better than the first and re-raised the bar again. After 6 months in development, like I said, I certainly hope so!!

If you were interested in checking out my new show for 2014 or seeing the original act which I will of course still be performing – give me a shout on 07934 856 696 or send me an email in