Stress Free and Successful Party – Summary Part 2

Venue hire and hiring the entertainer. Tips and suggestions....

Venue hire and hiring the entertainer. Tips and suggestions….


Hiring the entertainer / magician.

1st thing to do here would be to ask your friends. They will know who is good and who is not so good. Who is reliable and who is not so reliable. Failing that – check their Facebook page for reviews. Anybody can make up testimonials on their own website, but reviews on Facebook pages, are generally accurate and can give you a guide on the level of show the entertainer is delivering week on week.

Once you have decided on the entertainer you want, give them a call rather than an email. Check their availability, what they offer and of course the price. It may be that they are not what you want. Don’t forget, entertainer 30 kids is an experience most kids and their mums will remember for many, many years. It will be remembered as the party you organised. Make sure that the entertainer is a good fit with your requirements. Equally so, when booking the entertainer, check whether they have any specific requirements e.g. parking, sockets etc.

Communicate openly with the venue and entertainer.

Booking early is the key! Some entertainers are available with a day’s notice. Others are booked up 3 months in advance. It is much the same as a restaurant. If you walk in at 5pm you will probably get a seat as it’s not a popular time. Equally if you go to a restaurant with no reviews, or bad reviews you will probably get seated straight away and offered discounts to entice you in. Equally, if you want to get into a highly recommended restaurant, you will probably have to book well in advance and occasionally may be more expensive but you know you will have a great time, great food and great ambiance and they will go out of their way to accommodate you and deliver great customer service. This analogy can be applied directly to children’s entertainment too…..

The venue is important too….

Not only is it essential, and I would say imperative, to book the correct children’s entertainer or magician but it is also important to find the appropriate venue to compliment the number of children you are having, etc. Make sure it meets your requirements, and if it doesn’t call around other places. They will.

Booking the venue….

For a 2 hour party, I always suggest a minimum of 30 minutes or one hour either side of the party times to allow the children and their parents to arrive, for you to decorate the hall and to pack down the hall and hand out party bags at the end. I would always encourage you to get a receipt with conditions on them and secure the venue with a deposit. In the past, I have heard stories of double booking venues, requirements stipulated by the venue which weren’t communicated to the Booker and a number of other issues arising as the day looms.

Setting up the venue.

Allowing 1 hour to set up the venue gives you the chance to decorate the hall without feeling rushed, and even still decorating as the first guests arrive. I always suggest putting chairs out at the edge of the hall for the parents to watch the show or at least be near the younger children in case they are too shy. It is also encourages them to watch the show, and in turn be quiet especially if you have booked the correct entertainer – the show will be engaging for the adults too and even if that is not the case they should take great pleasure in their kids laughing and being thoroughly entertained for 2 hours.

Look out for part 3 next week…….