Themed Party – Harry Potter – Derbyshire

William the Wizard - Themed Parties!

William the Wizard – Themed Parties!

I thought I’d write about a themed party I performed at a few weekends ago. A lot of people ask me about themeing my shows and this is certainly something I can do and really adds to the ambiance of the show. My games are certainly customisable as are some of the tricks and effects I can perform. In the past, we have had a visit from Mickey Mouse, for a Disney themed party, a visit from Hello Kitty for a Hello Kitty Themed party, a visit from Darth Vador for a Star Wars themed party and some pirate antics for a pirate themed party. Of course there have been many more where the kids come in great fancy dress.

The party I performed at the other weekend was fantastic and thought I would write about it not only to give other mums some inspiration but really because it looked that great I thought i would write about it…..

This party was a Harry Potter themed party. What made it special. Well first of all there was a real buy in from the mum and dad orgainsing it in the fact that they too got dressed up as a witch and warlock. This really makes the kids feel comfortable and the party extra special. How many kids didn’t come in fancy dress? 0. Usually there is a couple , but this time it was everyone and not just the same Harry Potter costumes either. There were some real different outfits – all fantastic and some very expensive looking wizard wands. As the kids arrived, they first had to walk through some heavy fabric disguised as a wall. The room itself was dimly lit to give it some real theater and floating above our heads were little lights. they looked great. Essentially little tea lights strung from one end of the room to the other powered by battery and hooked up with virtually invisible fishing line. The walls were covered in a vinyl covering designed as bricks and stained glass windows to give a real castle feeling to it. At the far end, each child had a rather elegant hat placed on their head and an iPod announced their name and which Quid-ditch / House team each person was in. Each iPod recording was customised to each child and each child got a chance to sit in a chair, feel special and get a corresponding sticker. Then it was over to me for the games, mini disco and customised Harry Potter games which were great fun.

Then it was dinner time, and again the parents had really done well…. The sandwiches were circular as opposed to square (easy enough to make using cake cutters) and then made into a snake with cucumber too. Other bits and bobs made the meal more imaginative, themed and exciting for the kids too. Then it was back in for the full magic and puppet show with the final trick from the birthday boy himself utters Expeliamus to thunderous applause.

The show was great fun, and the kids had a great time. It was one of the best themed parties I have attended and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. For everyone, it was over too quick…..

If you were interested in finding out more about themed parties and tips and ideas how you can theme your party, please give me a shout on 07934 856 696 or check out my Facebook page for some pictures and other ideas.