Positives of being a Children’s entertainer – Part 2

Positive of being a children's entertainer - Part 2

Positives of being a children’s entertainer – Part 2

The other benefits of being a kids magician or children’s entertainer are that you can travel all over the country if you wish and market yourself properly., getting to fleetingly see parts of the UK that you would not normally see. There is nothing better than finishing off a weekend of gigs and driving home with the windows down and the sun setting and home for some tea.

The other benefit of being a children’s entertainer is a double edged sword. You are your own boss and only have yourself to answer too. You need to be able to think creatively and with a business mind or else your business will fail. Essentially you have to offer a great product too….but it all comes down to you. It is one of the few jobs which also allows you to be creative. I have in the past worked at a University in the marketing department. Marketing is supposed to be a creative experience  – but I was told by someone there; ‘Marketing is just copying’. Copying other people’s creative ideas or farming out the creative process to an agency. Sadly this is not what I perceive as marketing. My job allows me to think more creatively and work with some really creative minds. Sometimes your creative ideas will fail, other times they will be a success – so you also need to be happy to take a risk and a gamble at times.

One of the main highlights of my job is receiving an email/Facebook post saying thank you and that the kids and adults had a great time. After all that is the goal of all my parties. Ideally all of my work would come through recommendation but this is unfeasible…… A few words of thanks are always great and really appreciated, because even though kids magic is great fun – it is pretty demanding, both physically and mentally.

The act itself is where it all starts and finishes. It has to be fun, interactive, original, funny and appeal not just to the kids but to the adults too which is not always possible (when some of the ‘cool dads’ want to talk about whey protein and dumb bell sizes at the back of the hall). I coming across new ideas, gas, puppets and tricks and making them my own to fit my style. It’s always nervous trying out new tricks gags and puppets but great fun too!!

Overall there are loads of things which I love about children’s entertainment and easily outweigh the negatives – and the reason why I not only do my job but love my job! That said, there are some negatives about being a full time children’s entertainer.

So you don’t get a rose-tinted view of the world of children’s entertainment and I wake up tomorrow to find even more children’s entertainer wanna-be’s cluttering up google, yahoo and leaving a trail of poorly delivered children’s parties in their wake.

That said, there are a number of excellent children’s entertainers out there and if you are ever in more southern England, I highly recommend a children’s entertainer down there: http://ozzywizzpop.com/childrens-entertainer-trowbridge/

For more information about booking me as a children’s entertainer to see how much fun your kids can have – please do not hesitate to give me a call on 07934 856 696 or email me on magic@magicduncan.co.uk