Children’s entertainer Arnold

Children's entertainer Arnold, Nottinghamshire.

Children’s entertainer Arnold, Nottinghamshire.

Local Arnold Children’s entertainer, William the Wizard has been a popular kids’ magician and entertainer around Arnold, Daybrook and Gedling area for the last 10-15 years and his act moves away from the standard run of the mill kids magic show. William is not someone picking up few tricks and hoping to wing it entertaining kids’ which seems to be the norm at the moment. William has been performing kids’ magic professionally for a number of years and his testimonials speak volumes of the kind of parties he offers. If you go onto his Facebook page on you can find reviews and party ideas to help with the smooth running of your party.

So what is his act and what does it entail?

William’s most popular kids’ magic booking is his full 2 hour stress-free kids party package. It kicks off with a 45 minute mini-disco. This is loads of fun, loads of laughter; 45 minutes of mini-disco dancing games and quizzes with stickers, sweets and prizes. These games are all non-elimination and ‘age-specific’, so no sad faces here……. This takes us up to the conga and dinner time where the birthday child blows out the candles on their cake.

Then it’s back in for the full 45 minute magic and puppet show with loads of fun and laughter again. This is now combined with tons of magic, interaction and the kids’ coming up to help out with the magic. The birthday child is the star of the show and made to feel extra special with extra fuss made over them. At the end is a really fun 10 minute puppet act and the party closes with party bags and photos.

Children's entertainer Arnold Showreel

Children’s entertainer Arnold Showreel


“Thank you so much for coming to Edward’s birthday on Saturday – you were brilliant. Everyone had a fantastic time and am sure you will be getting loads more bookings out of it! Brilliant. Thanks again”.  

Rachel Stevens – Arnold


Each show can be tailored for each event and William can even offer his full 45 minute magic and puppet show without the mini-disco lights and music. Not only that but William is also an extremely experienced adult magician and for older kids can combine some of his close up magic with the kids magic show – ideal for those kids who are ‘too cool for kids magic’ ;-)

If you were interested in finding out a bit more, please do not hesitate to contact him on 07934 856 696 or email him on

This kind of magic is similar to the kind of stuff you may have seen on TV but were too much of a sceptic to believe. This time, it’s in front of your eyes but without the camera trickery or editing. For older kids, William can do a 45 minute hybrid of kids and adult magic show and the second half of the show – a fun, fully interactive, hands-on magic workshop. This is ideal if the kids are a bit older and want to learn some magic to practice and impress their friends at school.

But this kind of close up magic is not just reserved for the kids. William can also perform at weddings, BBQ’s, garden parties and more. His act mixes close up magic with mind-reading and is fresh, exciting, original and contemporary.

Be it changing a borrowed £5 not into £20 or plucking thoughts out of your mind, William’s act needs to be seen to be believed.

For either kids’ or adult magic, William can tailor his act and packages to suit your requirements.

To find out more about his adult magic, please check out his close up magic website which has more details additional information and his Show-reel:

As a side note, I also get asked to recommend party venues or village halls, so to make things easier I have listed a few below:

Killisick Community Centre Killisick Road Arnold Nottingham, NG5 8BY

The John Godber Centre, Ogle St, Hucknall, Nottingham NG15 7FQ