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Children's entertainer Hucknall - William the Wizard

Children’s entertainer Hucknall – William the Wizard

I am often booked to perform as a magician at children’s birthday parties in North Nottingham and one of my more popular destinations is Hucknall. Famed for it’s resting place of Lord Byron and a Rolls-Royce site, Hucknall is the final destination of the North-to South Nottingham Tram network.

The party packages I offer range from 45 minutes to 2 hours and are packed with fun, laughter, interaction and of course – magic. It is not your standard children’s entertainer show where they spend 2 hours blowing raspberries and acting ‘absolutely bonkers’. My show is fresh, original and exciting and even the adults will get a few laughs out of it if they lose their inhibitions in front of other adults ;-)

To break down the 2 hour show. This usually kicks off with 45 minutes of fun and games. These aren’t your standard pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey party games, but all non-elimination, everyone involved party games where everyone gets little prizes and giveaways. This is accompanied with a mini-disco with loads of lights and music and can play as big as a village hall and a small as a living room.

Then it’s time for food – 30 minutes for the kids to have some food, a drink and blow out the candles on the cake. (There may even be a bit of time for some magic for the adults too – Dynamo style)

After the break it’s back in for the full 45 minute magic and puppet show. This is loads of fun, laughter, interaction and of course magic. The kids’ get to come and help out with the magic (if they have the confidence) with loads of giggles. At the end of this is a really fun 10 minute puppet act – which is great for all ages. In fact the whole show is really family friendly and in fact can be tailored to be age specific as of course an 8 year old finds different things to 5 year olds….(and as I’m sure you know – think they are no longer kids’ anymore ;-) )

Each party is 100% customisable and can incorporate themes with different music and my Star War’s Parties have an extra something special in the form of a star wars helmet with voice changer that the kids can pose with….. Even my superhero parties have special superhero games the kids love to play and other slight customise changes.

I am very local in that I am just down the road in Nottingham too, so Hucknall is literally 10 minutes up the road from me, so you don’t have to worry that you have accidentally booked an entertainer from Manchester or London or something.

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