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Bingham children's entertainer - William the Wizard

Bingham children’s entertainer – William the Wizard

Bingham is market town located only a short drive from Nottingham – my home town. In 2013 Bingham was named as the best place to raise a family in the UK, and as a result, makes it a fantastic place for me to perform. I am regularly booked to perform as a magician at childrens’ birthday parties in and around Bingham. Be it for 4/5 year olds, 8 year olds or older – my act is both extremely family friendly and age specific.

The most popular form of party that I am booked for is my 2 hour party package. This  usually kicks off with a full 45 mini-disco with loads of fun, laughter, dancing and non-elimination games. These are not your classic party games such as pin the tail on the donkey or pass the parcel which usually end in a ‘winner and a loser’ but non-elimination games which involves everybody and there are no losers but some people still do get some prizes. This 45 minute mini-disco segment has about 5 or 6 simple, easy to understand, fun games resulting in the kids burning off some of that boundless energy they have brought to the party.

Then it’s the break for food, drink and for the birthday child to blow out the candles on the cake. After the break and maybe a bit of adult magic, it’s back in for the full 45 minute magic and puppet show. This is full of fun, laughter, interaction and magic where the focus is on the entertainment ride over the magic. The birthday children get to help out with the magic and if possible so do a lot of the other children.

Big wands, silks, colourful props, gags and laughter is followed up with a really fun 10 minute puppet act. Then it’s time for the party bags, photos and end of the party with the kids having a great time, leaving with beaming smiles on their faces and the parents/bookers also leaving with smiles on their faces because they have had a stress-free party where all they have had to do is dress the hall and sort out the food and cake.

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