Summer Magic in Nottingham

Nottingham Beach Magician

Nottingham Beach Magician

So, having gone full time with my magic, this summer has seen me having a fantastic opportunity to perform at the Beach in Nottingham market square.

So what is the Beach?

In a sentence, it’s the UK’s best urban beach. For the 6th year running, Nottingham’s old market square has been transformed into an urban beach with 250 tons of sand covering the area. Not only that but it has a giant paddling pool, live bands, outdoor theatre, drinks, food, sausages, ice creams and zorbing balls and fairground rides. In fact –everything you can imagine for a beach event. Not only that – but the beach bar area is a fantastic place to rest your weary feet after an afternoon of shopping or to sip a cocktail or two or beer under the shade of some palm leaf parasols. Hosted by a great team, this decked bar area is super friendly, great chill out music and not only that – a resident magician and mind reader – Duncan William!!

But I am not your classic, big –bellied bow-tie earing magician of yester year with pictures of playing cards over his tie and crass magic – but a contemporary entertainer who’s niche is delving into your mind and picking up on your most inner most thoughts and ideas…..

Duncan has had a 15 date stint here and has been very well received. With Nottingham being such as eclectic mix residents from differing cultures, creeds, races and religions, this really gives ‘beach goer’s’ a truly unique and exciting experience that they would have only ever experienced through TV.

“It’s absolutely amazing. He’s a very clever and amazing chap. He needs to be on the telly,” said Sue, wrote Lynette Pinchess of the Nottingham Post.

I think the biggest learning experience of this cracking event was really breaking down my pre-conceived stereotypes I may have built up of people. I got to meet loads of really interesting people from all walks of life all having different opinions of magic. I think the biggest revelation that most people’s experience of magic outside of the TV has been negative and crude and it is overcoming these obstacles to give people a fantastic time and hopefully realign the balance of what is good/great magic and what is bad magic. Usually, you can tell people’s experience of magic has generally been a negative one, in that most people a reticent of seeing any magic for them, despite it being free. It is only after pushing through these initial obstacles that most a left wanting more………

Magic and mindreading in the sun is something of a luxury and if anyone had the chance to come down the beach this summer, you would have surely caught me in action – if not, hopefully I’ll be there next year…..

If you enjoyed your urban beach experience in Nottingham and are surprised there is more than one Urban beach in the UK – you could try London (including Camden beach) Bristol, Oxford, Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff to name a few……

For adult magic and mindreading for product launches, events etc, your can find me through my adult magic website of You can still contact me through the regular channels of phone 07934 856 696 or email on and hope you all had a great summer!