Dabbling my toe in the media world.

Duncan William - Notts TV Magician appearance

Duncan William – Notts TV Magician appearance

This year has offered me some fantastic opportunities for exposure and within two days of performing at the beach I had the opportunity to show a Notts TV cameraman and colleague a quick trick on camera. It was great fun and she graciously mentioned me to the producer of the Notts TV 6.30pm show.

Later that day I had a call from an colleague of the show and was soon booked with the producer to appear later that week on the 6.30pm show with Frances Finn – at the Nottingham Trent University building.

Arriving just before 6pm, I chatted with a couple of sofa guests before having my microphone hooked up onto me and ushered into the studio. After a couple of technical adjustments I was introduced by Frances Finn. Sadly I only had 4 minutes and 30 seconds to demonstrate a little something but if you watch the clip below – this was a drawing duplication which Frances drew a paddling pool and then a name revelation of her daughter – Florence.

The effect went down very well but sadly I only had a limited amount of airtime. I followed this up with a call to the producer to see how it went and they were very enthusiastic about my performance. Further opportunities by be available so watch this space….

So how did I do it?

Magic of course, is something you can learn from books, DVD’s and magazines but ‘mind-reaidng’ is a lot more niche. Essentially it’s an evolution from magic. Whereas magic sometimes leaves the spectator with an feeling of ‘ooh I’ve been tricked’ or ‘isn’t that clever’, psychological illusions, for me, is more hard-hitting and therefore takes spectators to a higher place of believability/believability.

The drawing duplication and name revelation was a mixture of magic, suggestion, psychology and other more devious feats of wonder. Mix them up and you will have something loosely resembling what I did with regards to the premise.

I make no apologies for this being somewhat of an ambiguous solution, because of course the main rule of magic which I teach kids in my William the Wizard ‘Magic Workshops’ is ‘Don’t reveal the secret’. Why? Because it is far, far less impressive than the illusion you have just created and leaves the audience with that same sour after-taste in their mouth of ‘I’ve just been tricked.’

…….so a bit about Nott’s TV. It’s only been established for about 6-12 months and broadcasts from 4pm every day. Notts TV can be viewed on Freeview Channel 8 and Virgin Channel 159. Notts TV is a Nottingham Trent University collaboration between the University and Confetti technology studio.

Hopefully I’ll be appearing again in a few days so watch this space. Magic certainly seems very popular on TV at the moment with David Blaine, Dynamo, Troy and more…..to me it’s getting a bit saturated but hopefully there’s a vacant gap in the market for the psychological illusions I perform…now that Derren’s has focussed his attention on stage shows and one off specials ;-)

You can watch my TV Appearance here:

If you wanted any more information about my adult magic close up or cabaret performances, please do not hesitate to give me a shout on 07934 856 696 or email me on magic@magicduncan.co.uk