Duncan William – Magic on the radio

Mind reading on BBC Radio - Duncan William

Mind reading on BBC Radio – Duncan William

The following day I had a call from a journalist from BBC radio Nottingham who said she had seen my article in the post. She then went on to grill me for a good half an hour – to what she called – validated my answers and interview points from the Nottingham Post…..as strange as it was – she said that this was her job as a journalist and she was not asking anything too intrusive….

I was a bit guarded nonetheless and decided to open up when I presumed she was looking for someone who could talk eloquently on the radio without clamming up.

We organised a time and date for my appearance. 10am on the Mark Dennison morning breakfast show the following day.

The next day came and I loaded up my pockets with cards and gaffs and other bits and bobs which I may use on air. With magic being such a visual art form magic will never translate well down the airwaves so I had to do something which was heavily performance based and would invoke a strong reaction. I opted for a PIN number revelation…..

I was met by the journalist who together with her colleague were controlling a computer panel and taking calls for people for the show. I waited a while were I explained my requirements to make the effect work, met Mark Dennison and then was ushered into the studio for 10am.

The first half of the interview was good fun, explaining what I’d been doing performing at the beach and how I got into magic. We got on well….or I suppose this was his natural ability to put people at ease as a host. I was expecting a short slot but then they broke for the news and asked me if I could then perform over the air. In the interval I showed Mark something else privately in the studio. Back in after the news and travel update and it was on with my interview. A little bit more talking and then it was time for my effect.

It went down really well and was able to reveal Marks’ PIN# live on air much to his amazement. Sadly but predictably his look of astonishment did not pass as strong down the airwaves as it could have done had you seen his face. Nonetheless, listening back it sounded like it went well. I said goodbye to Mark and the rest of the production team were really positive about my appearance and asked me if they could keep my details for inviting me back on.

I returned home to find the snippet of my BBC Radio Nottingham performance waiting for me in my inbox. You can check out my performance here:

Duncan William – Magic on the Radio – Part 1

Duncan William – Magic on the Radio – Part 2

Overall it was a great experience and the studio was pretty much as I expected although less recording equipment on the guests/audience member’s side to what I’ve seen before – but let’s be honest I / they don’t really need much more.

For more information about booking me to perform cabaret or close up magic, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 07934 856 696 or email me on magic@magicduncan.co.uk