Jimbo Kidability and Games-Ability DVDs reviewed

Jimbo Kidability and games-ability reviewed

Jimbo Kidability and Games-ability reviewed

Magic DVD Reviews: Jimbo Kidability and Games-Ability.

In the world of kids magic there are some children’s entertainer and kids magicians who are widely respected and held in extremely well regard. For most I can see their appeal but these two DVDs did nothing to entice me into Jimbo’s own brand of kids magic. Sadly I found nothing new, or exciting and other a couple of things I felt were original. This is nothing to do with Jimbo who I found a nice guy and got a real warmth to his shows and interaction with children but I found that he gave off little or no energy to be reciprocated by the kids.

Starting with the Kid ability DVD, the first paragraph on the back of the DVD  case lavishes him with the plaudits he has achieved in his life and ‘is acknowledged as one of the leading Children’s entertainers in the UK’.  Sadly I saw little of this in these DVDs and saw more of a product demonstration with no real insights or elements of originality. Tell’s bell routine was used how it was intended and the hooter was an idea I had seen Dave Allen use before – maybe Jimbo created this and for that I give him credit. The magic spell book was nothing new and used as it had been intended as was the mouth coil, appearing sweets using a dove pan and my views of this lacklustre dvd were cemented when I sadly watched Jimbo’s handling of the silver sceptre which offered nothing new. Sadly I found very few elements of comedy yet the children seemed to enjoy themselves.

With the majority of the back of the DVD listing Jimbos accolades and awards – I expected much much more from this and felt short changed from a pricey £25.

Next up came Jimbo’s Games-ability which I put into the dvd play with trepidation having watching his kidability release. The games here were fun and the music was great but I later found out that the best part of the two dvd’s combined – ‘the unique music’ you had to buy separately from Jimbo. The games themselves, were original and good energy however, sadly they did not meet one of my criteria for kids party games – that is everyone must be involved at once. Sadly this was not the case here….and often there were times where the children were not joining in with the games and were merely spectators cheering (with an uninvested interest I would suggest as the teams had only just been created) That said, they were some good comedy elements in this DVD and the parents were included in the games – which in itself looked funny – I couldn’t help but think that in the real world – mums would feel a bit uncomfortable coming up to have children stuff balloons down their oversized bloomers they are forced to wear. It is thing like this which suggest that maybe these games had not been played out in the real world as – the last thing I would want to do is bring up parents against their will in front of their children. Sadly I took nothing from this DVD and collectively the two DVDs gave me little or no food for thought but certainly made my pockets feel £50 lighter, and my shelves a little bit heavier. The production quality was ok, but one thing I found extremely odd was the fact that Jimbo had paid assistants to help him at his shows – surely this is not a commercial option to do at parties as fees would be so much higher, to account for having 2/3 staff. Maybe they were not his staff but sometimes there are no staff on hand to help facilitate the games and as a result regard this as one of my worst magic purchases as in the real world was not applicable for a pro children’s entertainer.