Habadekuk – Review

But it’s not just watching magic shows at the theatre that interest me. Early this year I had the exciting opportunity (if not a little pricey) to see the rather unknown band of Habadekuk.

Habadekuk - Their latest album cover

Habadekuk – Their latest album cover

So who are Habadekuk? They are a Danish folk band. Again if you free yourself from ones self-imposed shackles disliking something before even trying something, you may be pleasantly surprised and sure enough – I was.

Phenomenal is all I can say. Mixing funk, dance, disco, Latin, tango and of course folk made for a wonderful sound. An eight piece band, playing, in no particular order, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, double bass, piano, drums, violin and accordion made for a phenomenal sound and well worth looking up sound cloud!


Despite the environment which put us on comfy chairs, from the outset, tap footing and head tapping ensued with some extremely funky fun numbers. Each band member was an incredibly talent performer in their own right and to get 8 together performing in wonderful harmony was not only a treat but a joy….

For 2 hours they presented a real range of skills, abilities and incredibly modern music, with interaction with the audience, talking about their lives as a band, and other cute anecdotes to smatter throughout a terrific performance, again bridging the gap between band and audience. The one criticism I had is that it was only in the last two tunes did they really push to get the audience out of their seats to have a very un-British boogie. But once we were out it was refreshingly liberating to be part of a hall of 50-100 all happy to get up and have a dance or move to some incredibly technical and harmonious melodies by some incredibly talented individuals.

So why am I mentioning a quirky folk band from Denmark on this children’s entertainment page – well – for 2 reasons as I feel they deserve a lot more accolades and exposure than they are getting and to hopefully promote their name a little. Secondly to emphasise the importance of have wide and varied creative tastes if you work in the field of entertainment. Even though I don’t sing or play musical instruments in my show – I could take a lot more tips and ideas as food for thought to apply into my own show, even if they are titbits which may flourish into something more.

I think it is always good to step out of your comfort zone and experience something fresh and new even if you don’t think you will like it – and follows the common mantra of ‘don’t knock it till you try it’; indeed this was the case with me in that I was invited to this gig with some trepidation and what appeared – was a truly excellent and fun night. Sadly bands like these with pure skill in their ranks sadly do not receive the plaudits they should due to the manufactured culture of the music industry at the moment and the somewhat homogenous nature of it’s artists. They will always be a niche for this band and much like my show – hopefully is unique enough to keep people wanting to come back for more ;-)

Again – I will recommend checking out – HABADERKUK!