Corporate magician – William the Wizard

Coca-Cola Corporate Magician

As some of you may or may not know, I am also an avid close up magician and mind reader, and my website can be found here: htttp://, and people make enquiries through that site or through here. I am the same person – and my name is not actually William the Wizard. (Gasps around)

Whilst I devote a lot of time and energy into delivering the best children’s parties I can, I aslo take the same pride in my work performing adult magic and always like to perform the odd tit bit at the children’s birthday parties for the adults….

It was with great pleasure that unknown source had recommended me to an London based agency who in turn were keen to secure my services as a magician and mind reader with a focus on my mystery arts…

The booker – Coca Cola. A somewhat prestigious black tie event (with a splash of red) – what other would coca cola want their employees want ;-)

This wasn’t your standard event – first of all it was at Birmingham conference certainly – which despite it being a pretty central location, I think it was more down to the fact that it was the only venue large enough to host the 1,500 or so attendees, dressed to perfection.

So 1,500 people for Duncan to unleash his magic on right?

No not at all….in fact there were 3 other magicians and a pickpocket working the crowd as well as some rather lecherous semi-clad acrobats, a few female contortionists and then a motivational speaker – in the form of an England rugby player who graced the stage and spoke with aplomb finishing with thunderous applause. It was great to see alternative acts too as usually I am constrained in the magic world so exposure to acts of a different nature was particularly refreshing…..

There was copious amounts of free coca cola drinks, Oasis and Monster drink (!!!) which seeped to being slurped down a bit too readily for my liking….. ;-)

The room itself, usually used for trade shows had over 100 tables with decorative candle centrepieces and the main stage in full neon Coca-Cola lights.

This is certainly by far the biggest (in size) gig I have performed at and was great fun. To be fair there were ample breaks in the 3 hour period which was an unexpected surprise as well as plentiful food, and some great conversation with fellow magicians and one who had a similar passion in more the mind illusions. All 3 were based in London but it was intriguing to chat nonetheless…

My performance went down well, and went noticed by my agency booker, which, may lead to more prestigious events, which had a slightly different feel to more my ‘bread and butter’ trade of wedding and Christmas parties.

The 3 hours of magic passed quickly. Hopefully this will lead to more gigs in the corporate world but who knows. It’s a foot in the door. If you know any companies or businesses who may benefit from unique, contemporary and fun magic and mind reading then please pass on my details to them or share the details on my website.

For more details, and how to get in touch please give me shout on 07934856696 or email me on For a corporate client, I think has a better jingle lol ;-) I now also have a Corporate entertainment website specifically for corporate entertainment.