Robert Baxt – Children’s entertainment DVD reviews

Robert Baxt DVDs reviewed

Robert Baxt DVDs reviewed

DVD Reviews: Robert Baxt x 2 DVDs

Baxt, A boy and a bucket

World’s Funniest Mouth coil Routine

Both these DVD are the offerings from America’s funny man – Robert Baxt – as seasoned professional comedy magician. Not only that, but he is a FISM winner for comedy. First up is Robert’s ‘Baxt, A boy and a bucket’ which is essentially Robert Baxts’ handing of the miser’s dream. 60 minutes in duration, Robert shows 3 or 4 different performances from stage, to parlour to a house party to demonstrate how the misers dream can still be tailored to all family audiences.

Robert holds nothing back as he shares some of his treasured jokes, gags, bits of business and of course all the handlings to ensure, you too can perform one of the most commercial ‘coin out of the ear’ routines. This routine is very light on sleights and heavy on the entertainment factor which is obviously crucial to successful children’s entertainment.

For me, this was a good DVD with some cute moments and lovely ways to interact with the children in relation to pulling coins out of their ears and dropping it into a bucket. Nonetheless, I felt this was geared more towards an American audience, and the odd gag was a little cliché/obvious; overall though this was a terrific routine and handling of the classic misers dream was excellent with easy to follow instructions and handling techniques.  This is a strong DVD if you want a funny, commercial routine to go straight into your repertoire. But, much like the silver sceptre and change bag; – a lot of magicians have these as the core of their routine and offer nothing new, fresh or exciting……

Up next is Robert Baxt’s second offering of the ‘World’s Funniest Mouth coil Routine’. I have never included a mouth coil in my act but thought this would be a place to start to learn. Here, Robert again is an excellent teacher and offers some great insights and techniques to enhance a classic mouth coil routine. As well as some funny lines, this is a great DVD although the mouth coil technique will take some practice to have it smoothly executed. Again, Robert walks the viewer through varying performance settings and demonstrates how the mouth coil routine can play for audiences of adults and children. The routine itself, is 5 minutes long and is essentially a classic ‘do as I do’ routine. Together with some unique handling of the mouth coil such as blowing a mouth coil out of your mouth this DVD, is one of the most definite and practical resources on mouth coils for family audiences.

Whilst these DVDs may not play as well to British audiences, their content is excellent but if you wanted to know more resources for the mouth coil or miser dream routines, please do get in touch – I for one, know that Chris Capehart has an excellent misers dream DVD which I own and may, in due course take time out to review this too. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 07934 856 696 or