The psychological advantages of a magic show part 2.

Empowering children leads to their success

Empowering children can help lead to their success!

Following from my blog post a couple of weeks ago detailing how empowering children can lead to greater success in life, I wanted to outline a couple of other techniques and gambits I use in my show. Another technique is misnaming items and miscalling colors only for the children to collectively correct the performer. I do not do this as it can cause confusion, certainly for little ones, but is a very subtle use of empowerment and learning. That said, if I say something is green when in fact it is yellow – children love to correct adults and will do so with gusto.  As well misnaming items, it is also possible to mispronounce word. My favourite one to mispronounce is a ‘hippopotamus’.

Another concept which can be used to great success is empowering children to know something that they perceive that the adult does not. On a daily basis, a son or daughter is absolutely dependent on their parents – be it help at the toilet, reaching something off a top shelf, help building some lego or getting the ball down from the garage or even help drawing a triangle on a piece of paper. In my show when the kids see something that I don’t it is a unique, powerful and highly emotive feeling. This has maybe been the first time that a child has felt empowered and knowing something an adult does not….

In my shows this usually erupts with a frenzy of giggling, pointing and shouting….. This is only reinforced in their minds now that they know that they are not only more knowledgeable fo a moment or two than a person – but the magician – or in my case – a Wizard with super human powers. (Or purportedly ;-) ) Be it for adults or entertainers – building in this simple psychological gambit into your show makes for some solid fun and laughter.

Hopefully at the end of my show, or any good children’s entertainers show – the children should leave feeling empowered, had a belly full of laughs and want to have another go at beating the magician or performing in front of their friends and parents. The number of children who have performed something magical and gained some form of empowerment and have had a warming head rub from their parent immediately after is fantastic to see especially when the child sits back down, awash with pride….

I know these last two posts may seem a little philosophical and psychologically-heavy but with a lot of elements of my show there are a number of these different ploys built in.

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