The job I love – Being a children’s entertainer – Part 2

The pros and cons of being a children's entertainer

The pros and cons of being a children’s entertainer

Following on from my last blog post as to why I love my job…….

My magic and puppet shows /mini-disco combos afford me the luxury of meeting some real gems of parents and kids. Parents from all walks of life and ethnic background give me a rich viewpoint of the tapestry of our multi-cultured society. Kids, at different ages behave different and can go from being charming to offensive and all other behaviours in the spectrum of child behaviour.

Boy it’s hard work; physically exhausting. But leaving a party having been made laugh by a child or adult (and I mean a genuine laugh – not one you do to be socially appreciative of the situation) is a real treat.

So what are the benefits of being a children’s entertainer?

  1. You get paid for doing something you love.
  2. If you work full time, you work at the weekends and have the rest of the week off. (Good and bad)
  3. You get to meet people from all walks of life.
  4. You get to have an insight into other people’s lives
  5. If you are good, you can create memories that last a lifetime.
  6. You bring a smile and laugh to people’s faces – there is nothing more satisfying!
  7. You get to see some amazing venues.
  8. You get to see some brilliant parts of the country (and some not so brilliant)
  9. You get to see some amazing birthday cakes
  10. You get to learn some great kids jokes.
  11. Occasionally you get to try some amazing food which the host has cooked up (I don’t just mean standard party food)
  12. You get to meet some other children’s entertainers – some of whom share the same passion for your job.

No job is perfect and whilst I love my job, there are of course some frustrations which make me question why I do this job.

  1. You work at weekends. When everyone else is ‘playing’ you are working.
  2. It’s extremely physically demanding on the voice and body.
  3. It can be frustrating when parents allow bad behaviour to go unscaled.
  4. Some children can be very aggressive and grab at props and attack the entertainer (un-maliciously of course)
  5. Parents who will talk loudly to the detriment of the children and performer and therefore show, when the show is on is a shared frustration from entertainers around the globe.
  6. When you receive little thanks for delivering what you consider to be a fantastic party keeping 40 kids laughing and entertained for 2 hours.
  7. The low standard of some children’s entertainers in this industry sets a poor standard
  8. It is a fickle business, with bad mouthing and questionable business practices from other entertainers.
  9. Roads. If you are late it looks terrible. The frustration of a traffic jam or diversion is perhaps the biggest frustration for me.
  10. Unrealistic demands on arrival. Performing for 100 kids in front of 2 loud plasma screens and 150 adults getting drunk at 9.30pm at night is perhaps the best example of this.  (True story)
  11. No parking or navigating difficult stairs.
  12. Working when you are extremely unwell. (I have performed with all manner of sicknesses and 99% of the nobody has ever noticed ;-) )

Overall, these negatives are considerably outweighed by the positives of my job. If the children are well behaved, parents attentive and unsupervised 1 year old with a balloon riffling through my magi props, – I know the party will be brilliant fun, I will have a great time, the kids will have a great time, the parents will have a great time, and I will go to the next gig, knowing that I am absolutely doing the job I love.

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