Party Music for Kids

Kids party music

Kids party music

I often get requests at children’s birthday parties for tracks and tunes. I have an iPod maxed out so usually the answer is a yes, but I also have to be cautious. Why? What one child may like, want and listen to with his family may be considered extremely inappropriate for others, and with mothers who may take warmly to hearing their children’s ears being filled with lude, swear filled lyrics, its important to exercise a degree of caution when submitting to their requests.

I always ensure that the tracks I use are radio edits, and if you (the mum or dad) are considering organising the party games segment of the party it’s always important to listen to the music first as your classic ‘Now’ series don’t always have clean edits.

For me there are a few staples in the world of modern music, including a few One Direction tracks, Gangam style and of course the ever popular Frozen them tune – ‘Let it go’.

For me, the classic mini-disco tunes are ever popular and tracks such as Agadoo, Superman, Fast Food Rockers Macarena, If your happy and you know it and is this the way to Amarillo.

I always try and find out the birthday child’s favourite song and often it’s something I would never think of playing at a children’s party but make for great family music. Michael Jackson is still very popular with youngsters and the Awesome Mix Vol 1. (Otherwise known as the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack) has some very funky, upbeat retro tunes on it. If the birthday child hears their favourite tune, then it always makes them feel that extra bit special and more often than not, their favourite tune is shared with the rest of the class.

I am a big believer in using music during the show….purely to stimulate the children’s full senses and make the show fully interactive. I find dancing games to be a lot more interactive and fun than other forms of entertainment as it unites the group of children and sets a fun tone of the party. It also enables an experienced and good entertainer to identify any potentially disruptive children and make allowances or adjustments under the guise of music and dancing so they do not gain too much attention which they can then play up to.

Having a variety of music, both modern and classic, familiar toe-tappers are great for variety and keeping the children focussed as there is something new in the realm of the party to distract them before external distractions get the better of them.

Dancing games and music are also a great way to integrate shier children into the group and its made even easier if their parents coax them to do so and in turn have a ‘mum dance’ to encourage mimicry.

Finally, all of my musical equipment and sound system is PAT tested to ensure that when some halls ask for it, there is no stumbling block. Also, I often get booked to perform in people’s houses so it’s important for some, to have peace of mind that the electrical equipment meets regulatory standards.

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