Are You Born a Children’s Entertainer or Is It Nature or Nurture?

Children's entertainer Nottingham

Children’s entertainer Nottingham

When it comes to choosing a career, there are a lot of reasons for choosing what you want your speciality to be and how you plan on developing your skillset. Some of us always feel like a specific career has a calling for us, and that no matter how we plan our lives and how our skill development goes, we will always end up in the career field that we felt a calling for.

On the other hand, there are many of us who take the jobs that come to us and get on with our lives and live by our own principles, rather than focussing on our careers. Taking this path is completely fine, it’s important that you live your life as you see fit (as long as it causes no harm to others!). However, with that in mind we ask ourselves whether or not becoming a children’s entertainer is a choice, or are we born to be one?

As a Child

When we were children, we all grow up wanting to be something. For some children they grow up wanting to be astronauts, some children want to grow up and become a chef, but as we grow up our views on careers change. Some of us decide that we are fascinated by technology and take the IT route, while others find that science is full of endless possibilities that never fail to amaze them. It’s different for everyone and we all have different thought processes and interests.

As We Grow Up

As we grow up, our interests and feelings towards certain industries change. For example, while we were children we may have fantasized about one day owning a fancy car, but as we grow up our views change, and some people may have realized how while fancy cars are satisfying to own, the can heavily damage the world around us. Small things like this can change a person and have a strong impact on their views. With that in mind, the same happens with careers. We grow up wanting a career in the industry we are interested in, although as we grow up and learn more and more about the industry, our views change and in some cases, have strong negative feelings towards the industry.

This is the case for some people, but for other people it isn’t the case. As children our views on the entertainment industry may seem amazing, and we may want to jump straight into being a magician. However, as we grow up and learn about the work and level of creativity that is needed to become a magician, we may be put off.

To Conclude…

There is no definite answer for the question at hand, unfortunately. All in all, it comes down to the person and what makes them themselves. Some of us really want to get into a certain career industry, but the workload puts them off getting involved. For others, their interest in certain fields are overwhelmingly interesting and lead them to doing all they can to get involved. Again, it depends purely on the person.

If you are interested in becoming an entertainer and are willing to put in all of the work, get involved in the industry in any way that you can! If there are a few local entertainers in your town, contact them and ask if they are looking for an assistant or some sort of apprentice. If they are as interested as you, they may take you on-board and act as a mentor to you, teaching you about the trait and certain aspects of the entertainment industry. Of course, this isn’t always a possibility, but to become an entertainer it’s important to take every opportunity that you get, as it is with any other type of career.

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