My life in magic – Part 4.

Carlos the Monkey played an important part in my earlier shows!

Carlos the Monkey played an important part in my earlier shows!

After all this research detailed in my earlier post, and heavy investment in learning tools etc, it was then time to build my act.

I believe the best shows for children should contain variety. Music, big colourful props, puppets, interaction, magic, movement, different kinds of tricks; supporting all of this should be some great comedy and slapstick humour which we in the trade call ‘bits of business’. Finding these tricks from a plethora of bad ones is the tricky part. Next up is designing a routine per trick that will suit my style and make the kids laugh. This was the next tricky part. The final tricky part was taking certain tricks and routines and piecing them together in an order that will create a packed 45 minute show where the kids’ love every second of it and want you to come back to their party the year after.

The first thing I needed to get was a display case or magician’s box. Coincidentally I managed to find a magic box from someone in Nottingham who had given up magic, saying that kids’ were now too difficult to handle. (I disagree). I then went on to look into tricks and puppets. After buying Bill Abbot’s DVD, Carlos the Monkey was devised and taking ideas from other ideas and re-engineering them, I soon came up with plots, presentations and ideas of my own with an underpinning laughter comedy fun and humour.

However, much like professional adult magic, wading through a lot of DVD’s and books of poor kids effects and presentations is not only frustrating, time consuming and expensive, but again left me disillusioned by the state of kids’ magic in the UK. I will talk more about this in a separate post but, in a nutshell there are a lot of kids’ magician’s sporting their shows and effects purely to make a profit. Some are not professional ‘in the trenches’ entertainers and often are quite the opposite of professional…..(I have heard the stories!!)

After re-honing my act and increase the standard, I decided it was time to re-name, re-invigorate and re-brand my show. Enter ‘William the Wizard’ – my alter ego. This alter ego is my children’s entertainer name and is synonymous with quality, punctuality, high standard, great customer service and fun parties. Essentially all my parties are great value-for money, stress-free parties full of loads of fun, laughter.

I now have 3 shows which I rotate regularly and some equally new developments in 2014 not only for my kids magic but for my close-up adult magic, cabaret and other exciting projects but just like magic, it’s a secret shhhhh………

To find out more about what I offer as a kids’s magician please check out my home page or if you wanted to find out how I could tailor my show to your party or special day, drop me a call on 07934 856 696. Alternatively send me an email on and I’ll do my best to help