My Life in Magic – Part 2.

David Blaine - although people refuse to say it - one of the biggest inspirations to magicians' today.

David Blaine – although people refuse to say it – one of the biggest inspirations to magicians’ today.

So the year 2000 was the starting point for my professional adult magic and  with 2 back to back street magic specials ushering in the new year – I knew that magic would be my vocation. After recording the TV shows and pausing and rewinding the moves through video I had soon broken down some of the effects and tricks and was ready to practice with my very British ‘Waddington’ playing cards. With the evolution of the internet making information more accessible there were a couple of websites dedicated to magic.

Using the school printer, I printed off loads of pictures and tricks and made folders of them. Soon I was performing at school, on the bus and even fooling my brother who had keen eyes on magic like me. One other boy at school also performed magic to great aplomb and seemed to have more money to spend on books and videos.

Undeterred, my magic took me through University, and as a shy boy with some magic tricks was usually the guy who was pushed by my friends to go and chat to a group of girls using my skills as a magician and they would come over with their University confidence and bravado and whisk them away.

Still, it pushed me into performing in some harsh situation, dealing with people who didn’t want to see magic (exemplified by throwing a whole pint of water over me) and others who were nervous to see it. At this time of life, commercial magic was not nearly as popular as it is now. There were no Harry Potter in the Movies or Dynamo or David Blaine on TV screens and Derren Brown was just gigging doing close-up magic in restaurants.

Shunning magic after university and becoming somewhat disillusioned by the dullness and repetitiveness of magic and its similarity in style, my interest for magic waned but at the same time my interest skill and ability in performing ‘Psychological illusions’ sky-rocketed certaining with the introduction of Derren Brown into the commercial arena.

Derren’s TV shows, much like David Blaine’s magic shows focussed on the audience and less on the smart mechanics and skills of the performer. (In hindsight and looking back – it was this which had left a sour after-taste in my mouth and to some degree does now. That of performers performing ego-massaging magic tricks with incredible sleight of hand with no interest or focus on the entertainment factor for the spectator or audience member). It is probably this which sparked my interest in performing psychological illsuions, cabaret shows and ultimately children’s entertainment.

With Derren’s fresh and exciting approach to what I thought was the stale art of magic, I was re-invigorated and my close up ‘mind-reading’ was getting more applause and generating more excitement and interest than my magic. My love for magic had returned.

After several years performing and studying and playing around with different ideas and tricks I decided to travel the world.

If you were interested in travelling the world and performing magic – drop me a message at or give me a call on 07934 856 696 and I’ll let you know where you can find the magic shops and great places to perform.