Maths Magic Workshops for schools Maths magician – Designed to Educate, Excite and Enthuse.

Maths Magic - Be inspired!!Duncan William has been a professional ‘Edu-tainer’ and maths magician for the past 10 years and his Math’s Magic Workshop programmes  have received critical acclaim from schools and academies from around the midlands, London and beyond.

He has spent over 3 years a full time teacher both nationally and internationally and holds a BA Hons degree in Business. With a background in teaching and education to compliment his ongoing involvement in the children’s entertainment industry, Duncan’s Maths magic programmes specialize in educating, inspiring and enthusing children about Maths using the medium of magic as the vehicle – after all – what child isn’t inspired by magic?

Duncan’s heavily sought-after Math’s magic workshops have been co-designed with primary school teachers, and follow a proven success system to deliver entertaining, magical demonstrations to assist students meeting their educational goals. Not only does Duncan’s delivery of these programmes inspire and educate the children, and assist the students in achieving measurable results, but each programme guarantees to leave the students with more confidence with maths, concentration and self-esteem and can be curriculum lead, tailored to each school’s requirements and are perfect for Key Stages 1-5.

As mentioned before, the programme itself has been designed in conjunction with primary school teachers and works perfectly for the start of ‘Maths Week’ and can take the form of an assembly for the whole school to partake in or classroom based workshops.

The classroom based Maths-Magic workshops are the preferred option as this can be tailored to both each key stage year group and also to the school’s curriculum and the pace of each activity can be slowed down or increased dependent on the ability of the group. An additional beauty of these tailored packages is that each student will get more targeted tuition and the magic can be tailored specifically to the age of the year.

A further huge bonus of Duncan’s maths-magic workshops is that each teacher also gets a maths magic resource pack. In this pack there is the lesson plan, supporting documents covering the workshop content and additional activities and photocopy sheets for the teacher to reinforce and expand on the learning outcomes.

This programme delivers a proven success system to achieve results focussed learning outcomes to primary and secondary school children.

Some of the learning objectives / outcomes which feature part or all of the lesson plan include:

  • Introduction to probability 
  • Mental arithmetic – Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (all mental gymnastics)
  • Spotting patterns - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and problem solving
  • Problem solving, measurement
  • Problem solving, spatial awareness, Angles, Areas
  • Numbers, patterns, multiplication, division
  • Numbers, calculations, addition, patterns

If you were interested in booking, Duncan as your Maths magician or finding out more or discussing the lesson plan, learning outcomes or finding out as to how each package can be tailored for each class or age-group, please do not hesitate to get in touch on or 07934 856 696.