A Look at Mascot Parties Around the UK and What Value They Hold

Mascot parties for children

Mascot parties for children

As a parent, once you’ve planned a few birthday parties you begin to notice that your ideas are becoming stale and that the next time you host one, you need to introduce something fresh and amazing that everyone will get a kick out of.

One thing about birthday parties that I’ve noticed in the past few years is that there are a few different groups of parents who show up. One group of parents doesn’t stay for the party. Another group stay at the party to chat with the other parents. And last but definitely not least, there are the parents who stay, get involved, and have as much fun as they can with the children. If you can pull off a party where the parents are smiling and having a good time too, then you’ve managed to pull it off and you can stop worrying.

Do you struggle to “pull it off”? Then perhaps it’s time you try out a Mascot Party.

What is a Mascot Party?

The perfect explanation for a mascot party would be to take Disney World as an example. If you’ve ever been to Disney World, you will have seen people dressed up in giant Disney character suits. Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Cookie Monster. Now, imagine having those at a birthday party.

What Makes a Mascot Party So Great?

As adults, we go to the cinema or sit home and watch the television, and when we’re choosing what we’d like to watch a few different things run through our head. “Do other people like the movie? How does the trailer look? What actors are in it?”, and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, children have a similar thought process, except only one of those thoughts are their priority.

Let’s target the final question, “What actors are in it?”. We tend to ask this question because when we watch a movie and see an actor for the first time, we develop an opinion of them based on our first impression of them. Throughout the times that we see them in different movies or television shows, our opinions change and grow stronger. With that in mind, we are left with a group of our favourite actors, and whenever we go to watch a movie we will try to see if any of our favourite actors are in the movie. For some people this doesn’t have a noticeable impact on their decision to watch the movie or not, but for a small group of people, it does.

A similar process happens with children. They watch their favourite television shows, and they develop their own opinions about the characters and actors that they see.

Now, here’s the thing. The chances of us seeing one of our favourite actors in the street (let alone come up and talk to us), is miniscule. On the other hand, seeing a cartoon character approach us in the street would be just as worrying, yet just as miniscule. However, children have their own set of beliefs and one of those beliefs is that the cartoon characters that they see are real. This is completely natural, however we would react with nothing but excitement if we were to see and talk to our favourite actors in the street, and children react the same way about their favourite characters.

To Conclude

We have our favourite actors, and if we ever met than and had the chance to have a conversation with them, we would freak out with excitement. Children are more hyper than adults, and if they ever had the chance to meet one of their favourite characters, they would freak out just as much. Having a mascot party is a fantastic idea, and there is no argument against that however, they do not provide the wholesome entertainment you would get from a professional entertainer as there is limited skill required to put on a mascot outfit and dance around.

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