Website, show-reel and logo design and marketing for entertainers.

Marketing for entertainers

William the Wizard can provide marketing assistance to other entertainers too!

There are a lot of different websites and show-reels out there in the world of ‘family entertainment’ and even in the magic world. I have another website for my adult magic but earlier this year I decided that wanted to create a brand new, fresh and exciting website to compliment my act and the demonstrate the quality of service I offer.

I have already had some great feedback about my website. People have commented on the 4 integral parts of it. The design, the show-reel, the structure / coding and the logo designs. You may notice that all of it is very original and organic. This is because I have not used a specific web design company or promotion team.

Over the years I have been working in the entertainment industry I have come across some people who excel at their individual talents. This website is a culmination of the skills of these people. As a result, I now have the opportunity to offer the services of this team. This team does not have a company name, but we are team of people who I have worked with on various projects and am very happy to recommend them and work with them to launch your own project or website revamp.

If you are interested in web design, web construction (coding), logo design, show-reel construction or other aspects of your media process (to the extent of Search Engine Optimisation consultancy and implementation), then please get in touch with your requirements and I can get in touch with my team and come back to you with a quote to hopefully fit your budget.

Basically this website is showcasing the talents mentioned above. However, if you just wanted your website spruced up with a new logo (which is not the same generic designer as used on many entertainment websites) then please get in touch. If you simply wanted some advice on SEO or site layout, or marketing which is my background at the moment, again, please get in touch.

A lot of people often ask me about birthday videography. I happen to know an excellent videographer who I have seen his skills first-hand and produce excellent results. He can film at weddings, birthdays, christenings and a variety of other celebrations. The cameras and equipment he uses are to the highest standard using the latest videography technology he and can accommodate anything you and your guests need. If you want to know more about him, his skills and abilities, please give me a call, or alternatively, please visit his website for more information.

I also work with a team of stationary suppliers who can also provide your printing needs to support your logos. These stationary suppliers are recommended by me, having shopped round for the best prices and quality of marketing supplies out there. Whilst we are talking about relationships with other people in the industry  I often get asked to perform in London. Sadly this is not always possible. However, I can recommend a terrific London children’s magician and his magical island show, Christopher Howell.

You can email me on my contact form or call me on 07934 856 696, for advice, tips, suggestions or to make some serious inquiries about getting your new or revamped project off the ground.