Magic tips for beginners – Part 1

Magic for beginners

Magic for beginners

Occasionally I get asked if I perform magic workshops for kids. The answer is of course yes, and has loads of extra details on my website. If anybody wanted even more details about availability you are more than welcome to contact me on my email address or give me a call on 07934 856 696.

On parts of my website, I detail the advantages of children learning magic outside of the obvious ‘they get to learn magic’ outcome. There are many more intrinsic benefits including increased self-confidence, increased dexterity, motor neurone skills and self-worth to name just a few.

Dynamo, love him or loathe him, David Blaine, think he is cool or weird, Paul Daniels, think he is past it, or has shaped the world of magic – whatever your thoughts and biases, there is no doubt that magic is as popular as it has ever been. As a result more and more kids are becoming more and more passionate about having magic parties and learning magic.

So what is the best way to nurture this passion which has so many benefits? (Wowser! I sound biased ;-) )

  1. One of the best ways to encourage this passion in magic is of course from first hand tuition – in the form of the magic workshop mentioned before. My magic workshops can combine a 45 minute magic and puppet show; tailored to the age of the group – presuming you are having a group.  This could mix Dynamo style close up magic and mind reading with classic kids magic with lots of comedy, colourful props etc. The format could be tailored to the group size and I have in the past taught kids magic and mind-reading on a one on one basis and in a group and use my skills as a past full-time teacher to deliver a really interactive fun learning experience with a proven success system to deliver entertaining magical demonstrations using my formula of explain, demonstrate, imitate, practice, perform. As a full-time children’s entertainer, I can tailor these to suit your work times / after school times or weekend requirements. Each workshop is different, age specific and can be tailored to your or the student’s individual needs or learning speeds. I also cater for children with specific learning disabilities too. (SLDs)
  2. Check out YouTube. Whilst there is never a replacement for one on one tuition, to iron out any nuances and help motivate and inspire the student, YouTube offers a wide variety of tutorials. The problem with these is that the tuition is often very poor, production quality is questionable and the material may be poorly explained. Sifting the good quality content from the bad can be extremely time consuming and laborious. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get a trick perfected and without a tutor or workshop motivating and inspiring the student, they can quickly become disillusioned with the amount of practice required.

Next blog post I will move into some of the other beginners tips and ideas which can help your children get into magic and inspire their self-belief, self-confidence and so many other facets of their life……stay tuned…. ;-)