Magic lessons for children. – William the Wizard the education specialist.

William the Wizard provides fun, positive teaching of magic to children!

William the Wizard provides fun, positive teaching of magic to children!

I teach children magic.

Essentially these lessons are fun, and engaging where the teachings will support your child’s enthusiasm in magic.

My lessons will improve your child’s dexterity, communication, hand-eye-communication, self-esteem, self-confidence and creative thinking and I deliver this through the medium of magic which is all delivered with positivity and professionalism.

With the popularity of magic being more buoyant than ever – with a great deal of thanks going to David Blaine, Derren Brown and Dynamo not forgetting the younger generation watching ‘Help my Supply Teacher is Magic!’ – kids wanting to learn magic and become like their heroes is extremely popular!

I often get enquiries to teach magic to groups of children or one-one. The lessons I deliver make a refreshing change from my full 2 hour parties where the children get to help out with the magic and perform the magic, but don’t necessarily learn how to do magic.

That said, most children are given the chance to learn magic at an early age through a box of magic tricks. However, it makes me shudder to think just how many these boxes of magic tricks have been discarded at the end of Christmas – 90% of the cheap plastic magic gimmicks and paraphernalia either lost or broken and the dull book of instructions chewed by the overly enthusiastic dog or pet turtle.

I understand! The concept in buying a box of magic tricks for a child for their birthday or Christmas makes for a great idea in the hope that it will inspire them into learning a few to dazzle the girls in the playground or charm the bullies into not stealing their dinner money. But alas, these brightly coloured ‘buy me now boxes’ are somewhat of a con. Inside the cheap, poorly made tricks with instructions so difficult or poorly presented and uninspiring, leaving the boxes to fend for themselves in the corner of the room with other disregarded gifts.

It is a real shame. Back in the day, boxes of wooden magic tricks, beautiful cards and other wonderful gimmicks and novelties brought a sparkle to the eyes of many children, inspiring their creative side. Now in a world of commercialism and imported Chinese plastic toys, the sceptic in me worries that young children will not have that grounding in basic magic tricks.

However, times have changed. The TV and DVDs are dominant and so the legacy of magic lives on – with Dynamo and Harry Potter inspiring a new generation of Wizards.

It is this inspiration and desire that I can nurture…….

With a background in education and teaching, and a love of working with and performing to children – my magic lessons and workshops for children (after school) provide great fun, great inspiration and great interaction and hand-on magic learning.

The lessons I provide can be tailored according to the child and their mum/dad and often last between 30 minutes to one hour. Generally, these lessons are perfect for 7 years old and upwards.

The mum and child are more than welcome to come round my house, or in a mutually convenient location Eg. Coffee shop or library and there we get to grips with some magic over a lemonade or coffee (for the mum not the child)

The general format is as follows for 1 30 minute session:

A quick demonstration of some magic.

Learn a basic card magic sleight

Learn a basic coin / other gimmick  magic sleight Eg. Elastic bands etc.

Learn 1 trick

See one trick performed (unexplained) for the child to go away and get his mind whirring how it could be achieved. The following week, we go through their suggestions and reveal the true way and how the other ideas could be applied to different tricks / effects.

I offer  and offers for multiple bookings and you can pay on the day. I currently run a scheme where if you have 10 lessons, you get the 11th for free.

To find out more, please give me a call on 07934 856 696 or email me on You can also see a show-reel for my 2 hour party package on my website here: